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The November 2019 issue of Bus Conversion Magazine is now available to view and/or download from our website.

Topics this month include an article titled “Since We Woke Up” by Tawny McVay.  Tawny and her husband gave up their careers in Billings, MT, bought a school bus, named it “Oliver”, and hit the road for a simpler life with their two kids. 

If you drive a bus, be sure to read the article by JC Alacoque, about driving “Up and Down Hills”. This article could save your life.

If you like to keep your cool, then read the article about “Air Conditioning in a Bus” which will teach you the many ways to keep a bus cool in the summer and what air conditioner to shy away from if you travel in the south where it gets hot.   I know the author and he is a GREAT guy. LOL

Tom McNally sent us an article with lots of photos on the “2019 Blytheville Bus Rally”.  If you missed that rally you missed seeing a LOT of nice vintage buses, both seated and converted.  Read the article and you will be excited to make Tom’s next bus rally, which has not been announced yet.

For a sneak peek of each article, click on the link below, and then choose Click HERE to read what is in this month’s issue.

If you have a story to tell about your bus, truck, or any unusual type of conversion, send it to us and we will sign you up for a 1 to 5-year subscription to Bus Conversion Magazine depending on the length of your article.  All cover stories qualify for an automatic 5-year subscription.

If you send us a video of a walk around of your bus; outside and inside, that we can add to our new YouTube channel, then we will sign you up for a free 3-year subscription to BCM. Contact me for details.

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