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Author Topic: KOA doesn't like Buses?  (Read 10726 times)

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Re: KOA doesn't like Buses?
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I suppose that my comment about being despondent, broke or mentally unstable might have been a bit bland...

Buses have made me absolutely "CCCCRRRRAAAAAZZZZYYYY", Sure beats going "Postal"....

Get depressed?.... Work on a bus, It will go away....Note: The bus won't ever go away... It's an illness with no cure....
I suppose death cures a lot of things in once sense. The worry there is that a person starts working on a bus conversion
and everyone around them also contracts the affliction. It's infectious....

The ONLY depressing thing about owning one is trying to find a place to park it that people will leave you alone.

Never take a knife to a gunfight!