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Re: Wire
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Ace........have you check this near Orlando, fl.?
Ask the manager if they have it or can locate another source of surplus roll of wire for your need.

Copper has skyrocket in cost in the last 5 years.


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Re: Wire
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Chris 85 RTS: Your quote " I don't think wire can ever be considered too big,"

This is a fallacy frequently expressed on this board. Almost all electrical components are designed for a specific size of wire. #10 wire does not fit 15 amp duplex receptacles and #4 wire does not fit into boxes designed for 30 amp switches or receptacles.  In some cases you can go one size larger and the wire will still fit the termination and the specified length of wire will fit inside the box.

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Re: Wire
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Ace, is your bus all electric?  If not, #6 with a 40 amp breaker on the supply should work... that's 6-3 with a 2-pole 40 amp breaker.  I know I've never tripped a 20 amp breaker with a 15K Carrier HP, small 'fridge, circular saw (or miter or recip. saw, big drill, etc), lots of lights, etc.  That's on 36' of 50 amp RV cable, a dog bone adapter to a 25' 30 amp cable with a cheap round adapter to a standard 110 volt outlet.  I measured the voltage with a few things running, including the A/C, it was around 110-112 volts in the bus.  Even with '40 amp service', you'd have 2 legs of 40 amp power - comparable to 4 standard 20 amp circuits.  If you've got an all electic bus, that extra 20 amps might matter. 


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Re: Wire
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Ace if you are going to install a sub-panel you will have to use 4 conductors as the neutral and the grounding equipment conductor can only be bonded together at the service. OOps, I see someone mentioned that earlier.
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