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When you bought your bus, how far did you drive it to bring it home?

0 to 500 miles
49 (42.6%)
500 to 1000 miles
19 (16.5%)
1000 to 1500 miles
14 (12.2%)
1500 to 2000 miles
10 (8.7%)
2000 to 2500 miles
10 (8.7%)
2500 or greater
13 (11.3%)

Total Members Voted: 110

Author Topic: Poll: When you bought your bus, how far did you drive it to bring it home?  (Read 8152 times)

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1st bus, 1978 MCI-8 shell, we bought on Ebay, drove it from Indiapolis to OKC, were asked by someone at a motel if we were "famous" as we were driving a bus.  We said, "No, if we were famous. . .we'd HAVE someone driving us in the bus", no mechanical problems.

2nd bus, 1986 MCI-9 shell, (BigBus), we bought on Ebay, drove it from Orlando, FL to OKC, got stopped by a Florida trooper because we were only driving 55, ha ha, he was thrilled that we were going to convert it, as he had done the same with a skoolie. No mechancial problems.

3rd bus, converted 1966 4107, (TempBus), we bought on Ebay, drove it from Ft. Pierce, FL to the Keys, then to Nashville, then home to OKC, got stopped by a Tennessee Trooper for no license plate, he let us go on (but was sure we were smuggling illegals or something, not a very friendly guy), blew a front tire between Nashville and Memphis, had both fronts changed and had no other mechanical problems ON THAT TRIP,  :D.  Christy Hicks
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my first real bus is a 1991 Eagle 15, already converted for the road.  The talented Mr. Conrad scouted it for me and blessed it.  We picked it up in Arcadia at Jack's place, he showed me where to start it and where the shift was and how to release the brake.  Off i went to Ohio.
90 miles later i was noticing the oil slick below the exhaust pipe as i was coming out of the restroom at the park.  that sinking feeling set in.
Fortunately, i have a cousin who know's JB at J.B.'s Welding in Bushnell.  he got me going the next day.  2 days later and 1300 miles approximatly, i arrived home.

for the first time, my wife saw the bus and thank God, loved it.  it was a little too late to return it.  I love that lady. ( my wife, not the Eagle.)
1991 Eagle 15 and proud of it.
8V92T, 740, Fulltime working on the road.

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When we purchased our 5A in the Chicago area I knew as much about driving a bus as a hog knows about arithmetic. Talk about a baptism under fire!  I asked our Son-in-law to drive the wife in the toad until we made the Interstate in IN just in case some big transit mix truck peeled bus and me over a guard rail.

What is it they say, "The Good Lord looks out for drunks and damned fools"?  He sure was my co-pilot for that trip.  The P/O had installed, but not quite secured, a TV in a cabinet over the drivers' seat and it decided to hit the deck while I was running the Pigeon River Gorge at 65MPH...but  stopping for a second on the top of my head on the way. Man!  That definitely rang my bell.

The rule of thumb in the mountains is: Descend a grade in the same gear you climbed an equivalent grade.
I'd read that advice from RJ Long before leaving to pick up the bus and tried to apply it as soon as we hit KY. The problem was that I couldn't recall climbing any 9% grades so when I hit the top of the mountain coming home I automatically chose the wrong gear to descend the 9% grade coming into town and overheated the brakes in the process. Thankfully all the Deputy Sheriff's were out checking stills or something that day...because we set a new world record for the descent off Cowee Mountain!

Now, older, grayer and a bit wiser I look forward to each and every trip with great enthusiasm and thank God that I removed that darned TV cabinet!


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I bought my 5C in Phoenix Az and drove home to Pa. I left Az at 9pm on a Friday and was home by Sunday 8pm. A long trip by myself, but no problems. I did not notice the drive shaft flange bolts being loose till I got home. Along with other things, for the best I'm sure.  Tom Y
Tom Yaegle

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Arcadia,Fl. to Southern In. No problems. 
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3 days to do 650 miles (not very good)  Jumped in the bus, started out and 35 minutes later steam out the back buzzers a blairing, pulled off and turned the flashers on and smoke started to come up from the switch console. Put the belt back on let things cool down dead batteries. Called the tow truck then my future son-inlaw locked the keys in the trunk of my daughters car. Tow truck showed up hooked up the bus and then spent an hour unlocking the car. 10:00 at night at the truck stop and I am under the bus putting the driveline on in a pool of oil. At this point we are at 36 + hours without sleep. Went to sleep next to a refer unit kicking on every 30 minn. Started day 2; Cleaned up my oil mess, feuled up white smoke fogging the whole place and headed down the road. Didn't have enough coolant so stopped by a stream and topped off the radiator. Now everything was down the road here we go except adding a gal of oil every 100 miles and my daughter birthday was not to be spent on the road. Dusk approaching and I turn on the lights everything ok hour later no lights  Pulled off at a town and slept there. Next day 180 miles didn't need to add oil, no white smoke and just glad to be home.

  Those are just the major highlights.


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except adding a gal of oil every 100 miles

WOW!  one gallon of oil every 100 miles?  How come?  What was the problem?


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  When they reinstalled the engine not all of the hose clamps were reset and ended up loose. Like the turbo return etc. After my melt down all I wanted to do was get home so it was easier to add oil than stop to fix. Partially afraid of what I would find.

   When I have installed engines it was my habit to run til full temp and check all connections and clamps then do a good run
 and recheck.

  Stuff  Just happens some times.


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In sept 05 we drove our 102A3 from Seal beach California (Mak's yard) back to Basalt Colorado which was about 1000 miles.My parents were visiting from England and met us out in Cali,My Dad still talks about the roadtrip in the bus, especially pulling into Las Vegas and parking in the Embassy suites hotel parking lot and taking up a bunch of spaces.
We had no problems driving back except a lack of AC which we knew about.
Basalt Colorado
1986 TMC 102A3,6V92,Auto 740,conversion in progress.

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Bought our Eagle in Gig Harbor, WA.  Flew into SEATAC over Easter and got rental to go to Gig Harbor. Had a brother-in-law, wife and wife's sister-in-law along also.  Drove coach to Tacoma Flying J, fueled and returned to Gig Harbor,  end of OJT.  Wife had got groceries and started to Las Vegas, thru California.  Dropped off in-laws and  headed for Colorado Springs, CO.  Delayed a day and half in rest stop in Rifle, CO due to snowstorm and tanker spill over Vail pass.  Got to Colorado Springs, had lunch with daughter and son-in-law and headed for upstate NY. Stopped by Ohio Highway Patrol and reminded the speed limit was 55 and to secure generator panel from flapping.  Yahoo says 3716 miles.  No problems other than air mailing across intersection in Colorado Springs, trying to beat light.  Dang near needed to change underwear.  Somebody up there looked out for this fool.

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Welcome aboard Rbunne,  we look forward to more posts from you!

We bought our bus in California and drove it back to Illinois - Chicago area.  We had a fantastic trip!  Once I figured out how to do simple things, like turn on the dash lights, etc.,  Bought the bus from Mike Kadletz (MAK).  He was very kind as I must have called him 10 times to figure out stuff which now seem so simple.  We made side trips to Disneyland, family in Texas, family in California.  Kids loved it.  We still talk about it.  Very special making that first trip.

Kind Regards, Phil
Northern Arizona / 1983 - MC9