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Author Topic: Why is it? OT  (Read 6867 times)

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Re: Why is it? OT
« Reply #30 on: April 18, 2007, 01:29:36 PM »
Who here wants to refer to an MCI manual to fix their Prevost?
Oh, no, wait. Maybe a Bluebird manual would be more accurate???

kyle4501, you said "he could have done a little reading in the archives."

Hell yes I own a MCI manual & others & consult them all when I have questions as to how things are done. It's a bus, have you not noticed they all share the basic systems. There are some differences in how things are done, it is in seeing these differences that you develop a more through understanding of the system.

RE: a little reading in the archives, that was in response to your statement regarding how to add a kneeling feature;
"I imagined that a 3 way valve that will block air from dumping out of the brakes, but allow it to dump from the bags is all it takes. And maybe a tank to speed recovery when I want the coach to stand up again.
I'm hoping someone has done it and has a recipe to whip it together with a minimum of trial and error."

That statement showed you had no clue how a kneeling circut worked.

I got several hits on the search I did. As for consulting the MCI manual, well if you had bothered to look, you would have seen the basic circut. Then surely you would have known how to adapt that to your bus. It is just a compressed air circut, not nuclear fusion.
BTW MCI is still in business & actively sells spare parts, so it would have provided the "recipe to whip it together with a minimum of trial and error".

But, I do know that with few exceptions, hiway busses have air bag suspension & air brakes. If someone was going to make changes to their air system, don't you think it would be prudent to see how other successful manufacturers did what you are wanting to do?

I guess the big difference here is the way we do our research. I prefer to get a basic understanding before asking specific questions & trying to 'improve' something. Manuals are cheap compared to the information contained within.

You don't seem to understand what is similar/ different in the various bus makes. This is something you really need to do.

Just trying to point you in a more productive direction. I read the archives for over a year before I bought my bus. I know most of the similarities & differences in mine & the others. Your bus is way more common than mine, so there is lots more available to suit your needs.

Making the effort to search the archives shows respect for everyone else on the board.

If you still don't get it, maybe it is your arrogance or pride. I don't know.

I'm done here, something about wrassling a pig or argueing with a fool  -  even I can't tell the difference anymore.  ;D
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Re: Why is it? OT
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 ;D :o :)