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« on: April 17, 2007, 02:59:40 PM »
ive looked in the front, rear, inside and out. i cannot find a single fuse on my bus. does anybody know how to find them? My bus is an 82 grumman.   ???

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Re: fuses??
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You wanted to know......Must not have a manual huh?

Thats because it is all self resetting circuit breakers.

Take the top off the drivers side panel ( where the run/control) knob is located,
all the primary system circuit breakers at at the bottom of that cavity, there is an
unswitched 24 volt buss-bar, a switched 24 volt buss-bar and a 12-volt switched buss-bar.

The service relays are located in the same area along the edge of the cavity and are all
24-volt cube type relays. If you bus has the backlit instrument lights the inverter boards
are located all the way forward in that cavity also across the front section.

The battery control relays are located in a bix box on the drivers side forward edge of the fuel tank
and the battery cables go into and out of that box.

The last breaker location is in the engine compartment, left side with a hinged cover on it.
this also contains the auto-shutdown system board and a number of service relays (cube type)
for things like backup alarm, Transmission neutral interlock and so on. run/stop and lights.

The warning system/ idiot buzzer board is up under the top left side of the curved cover
over the dashboard assembly. to get to that you have to take the top off the instrument

Hope that helps....

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