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Author Topic: Had 4 bandag recaps fitted on the drives  (Read 9918 times)

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Re: Had 4 bandag recaps fitted on the drives
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Regardless of quality, If you abuse anything long enough, it will fail.

Strictly following proper tire inflation & loading is not the only requirement for not abusing a tire. Road debris can obviously abuse a tire. Letting one go flat can break the belts in the sidewall even if it never moved. Curb hopping aint' real good for 'em either.

Modern techniques (Bandag for example) for retreading are excellent, so I don't have a problem with retreads due to the new rubber tread vulcanized on.

For my use, the issue I have with retreads (& used tires) is that I don't know the history of the tire. I am also concerned with age.

I recently have been exposed to what happens when old tires are put in service on a utility trailer, never close to tire load limit & air always checked before any trip, but the 4 tires are delaminating & blistering one after another. For me, the hassle of dealing with these tires is not worth the $ saved.

For me, I will prefer to have new tires every 5 years & will budget funds acordingly.

Maybe I can find a trucking company that will buy my old tires to help offset the cost of the new ones.

Maybe I'll win the lottery....

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