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Author Topic: Bus Owners in Texas  (Read 6729 times)

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Re: Bus Owners in Texas
« Reply #30 on: June 26, 2007, 11:47:58 AM »
Thoughts -

- North TX would allow easier access for surrounding states, perhaps, but I'm not lobbying for that. I do know of several places in the area.
- I spoke to Charles at Tejas just the other day, and have been out to his shop. There may be some tie-in, but I don't think his property would be the best. Mineral Wells SP is right by there, and is a great place. (just west of FoWo)
- Lufkin has no RV parks, fwik, but are some out in the boonies with swamps and mosquitos. ;)
- Rusk Railroad is either in or nearby a state park
- There are rally places I've read of on both Escapees and iRV2.com, and there's a lot of resources out there for investigating places to hold it. There's a popular one in Boerne, and one in Burleson that are frequently mentioned.
- Dry camping won't work for me yet!!! Ain't got no generator yet! :(
- On the first Monday of each month, there's one of the largest outdoor swapmeets in the country, in Canton, just east of Dallas, with lots of parks around there.

OK, those are my random thoughts. Wish I had time to be thoughtful about it right now, perhaps someone else can think thru some options...


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Re: Bus Owners in Texas
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I will be leaving for Knoxville TN in the morning until around July 6th on business. I will check in nightly to read posts.

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Re: Bus Owners in Texas
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I live about 80 miles north of Dallas, right on the Texas/Oklahoma border
at Lake Texoma.  I am leaving tomorrow to go to Minneapolis to watch
my 12 yr. old Grandaughter play in the Volleyball Nationals.  I will get in
touch with you when I get back.

Sonnie Gray
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Pottsboro, Texas

BK:  Thanks for the flowers, Yes I enjoy driving my Eagle, because it is a
lots of fun to let some of the Big Dogs go around and then just blow their
doors off.
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