Author Topic: SC to TN - Not a Bad Trip So Far... Except for..  (Read 6113 times)

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Re: SC to TN - Not a Bad Trip So Far... Except for..
« Reply #30 on: August 07, 2007, 08:10:48 PM »

LMAO and ROTF reading about Cat packing wheel bearings. 
I don't thing T's gonna get into that work without 3 or 4 pairs of super gloves.   
Ya'll had a trip sorta like I predicted.   I predicted things would pop up, and Dallas would fix'em and off they'ed go again....for a while.   But, with Cat's talents...I figgured she would get Dallas and the bus to Union City.  No problem. ;)
I do have a problem.  Union City is too far for us because T cannot get out of her job during the new 'mesters.   The only places we can go now will be local, say less than 100 miles, so T can drive up on Friday. 
I'm deeply sadden'd that T'vill is no more.  I enjoyed that .... :'(
Oh well, I'll just have to be depressed.  :'(  I'm depressed now. ;D 
Oops, no more... ;D
Where's Union City?  I thought it was up north of Nashville?  I'll check here in a minute. 
Well, I hope all goes great for all of ya'll busnuts peoples.   I'd love to come out for the  would be in the car if I made it.  Sorta like my first NJT Roundup.   Drove a one day 6oo mile round trip for that one.  Enjoyed.  No bus, no bath, no chilled adult beverages...No motels...had to go.  Long drive too.  Still enjoyed myself. 
Wish the best of luck to all of ya'll Especially Cat and Dallas!
Best, JR

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Re: SC to TN - Not a Bad Trip So Far... Except for..
« Reply #31 on: August 07, 2007, 09:11:17 PM »
JR, tell Terri she should try packing bearings.  That grease makes your hands feel so soft. I really do enjoy it and have already staked my claim to any packing that gets done here at BK's. 

We hate you two can't come to the rally but definitely understand.  Union City is in northwest TN, almost at the KY line.  It is a small town but beautiful around here.  Pretty good drive for you but we would love to have you for the day or even two.  We could find some place for you to sleep if you want to sleep over.  That way you could have a couple of adult beverages.  LOL 

As for my talents....I crack a mean whip!! 
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Re: SC to TN - Not a Bad Trip So Far... Except for..
« Reply #32 on: August 08, 2007, 04:32:18 PM »
Dennis, that was a term I learned well back in the '50's when I was in the Military and there weren't parts had to fall back on your farm experience and make do......

JR, don't feel bad...we want to go like a bee wants to go to honey..but it's just not practical again this year. I can't believe that BK is having a problem putting a rally together...but for the price of fuel and the distance to where they, for us, takes it out of the equation. Egads!  Everyone who knows us....knows we love to party..but for us it's just beyond reach.

A thousand miles round trip is not beyond the reach of the bus...but I can't get Sarge to part with the money!

We hope that more mid-westerners can make it and there's no doubt a great time will be had by all!

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(