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Spell Check Tips*
« on: May 17, 2006, 11:46:52 AM »
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Below is information on two systems that I have/do use and I am very happy with both.

Internet Explorer Spell Check
This is a free download and seems to work well with any document you are typing on any of the boards. Very similar to MS Word spell check.
After downloading you have two ways of utilizing:
1.  right click in the box you are typing in and you will get a drop down menu which will include spell check. Click on that and proceed as in M/S Word.
2. After down load you will get a check box labeled abc check in your main tool bar. Just click on it will start the spell check.

The other spell check system is part of the Google tool bar.
I/E or FoxFire version is available for download from this site.
Again. a free download and I find it very helpful since the tool bar contains, in addition to the spell check, a search engine block, a pop up blocker and Auto Fill and several other helpful features. It also provides an abc check box in the main Google tool bar. 
Added Notes

Quote from: plyonsMC9 on 17 May 2006, 18:30:49

OK, it has beeen suggested I need a spell checker.   

I use firefox, there is an extension aspell, which I started using.  So far, it is OK, though it brought up an exception on my older firefox browser.  Red Hat EL 4.0 officially only supports the 1.0.8 firefox as of May 17, 2006 .  I have to assume it would work ok on the current firefox build of

The Konqueror browser included with many Linux builds already has a spell checker built in, and seems to work quite well.

Hope this helps, Phil

Please note that the Google tool bar spell checker also supports Firefox. I also especially like the AutoFill button.

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