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Author Topic: New Stop, tail and turn light configuration for MCI  (Read 2286 times)


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New Stop, tail and turn light configuration for MCI
« on: May 20, 2006, 01:22:41 PM »
It seems like I'm chasing 10,000 Gremlins all at the same time and not getting anything done on the interior.  But I'm concertrating on the basic bus (mostly to get through NC inspection) and planning the interior at the same time.

The MC5 has a 3 lamp vertical, will spaced, arrangement (for those of you who might own other fine busses) top being Stop, next being turn and lower being tail.  MCI cast special aluminum housings for each (5+" in Dia.) for each lamp.  The problem being that the previous owner(s) never heard about anti-seize compound and put the steel fasteners in the Aluminum  and they're tighter 'n' Toby's hatband!
Many repairs have been made, each one worse than the previous, and now I'm stuck with housings which won't accept today's
replacement lamps.

Should I go back to MCI and place my head on the block of Mde. Guillotine, or has one or more of you found a solution in, perhaps a 3 or 4 lamp combination which, mounted higher than MCI originals will replace all of the above and fit the pleats in the S/S?

I'll deal with the existing holes in my beautiful stainless but would like to have ideas, definitely pics of anything you might have done to solve this problem.

Appreciate any input.


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Re: New Stop, tail and turn light configuration for MCI
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2006, 03:22:58 PM »
there are a few things you can  do

buy new leds from mci

put in trailer lights like fred hobe did-- go to tom halls site

 talk w/ int bus parts

hollow out your mounts to accomodate the newer lights.

im in the same boat as you and have not decided what i want to do. i know i want to to ledd's


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Re: New Stop, tail and turn light configuration for MCI
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2006, 04:52:34 PM »
Would that I could get "she who would not be disobeyed" to understand that it could be quite expensive for a truckload of logs to commit 'vehicular sodomy' upon our little bus for lack of proper rear lighting...albeit more than worth the price of LED's, but then you have to understand,  I'm just a 'mere man' and cannot possibly understand the functions of the female mind!

With all the aspects of 'conversion' added to the problem of 'restoration' with these wonderful old creatures we call Busses.....
I sometimes wonder how it is that Medicare finds it possible to attempt to re-create so many of us old f--rts with replacement limbs, joints, arteries, etc. and we haven't found, as yet a Government sponsor to help us with the most driving desire in our lives....getting this old b---h back on the road so we can have some fun with our families and "she who would not be disobeyed".

Sounds like a vicious da---ed circle to me! And that's as close to political as you'll ever hear from me!