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Author Topic: Update on man crushed by bus  (Read 3674 times)

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Re: Update on man crushed by bus
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2007, 09:49:45 AM »
Richard, I corrected the spelling of the son's name  Jack

This is the second post made by Jerry, the son on the BNO board. I did send him an email also asking permission to do this.

Posted on Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 10:57 am:      
thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers,i logged into my e-mail this morning and i was totally amazed by the out pouring of the busnut family whom my dad had touched over the years.as i suspected there were many of whom he had met on the road,talked to on the phone and e-mailed directly.i found comfort in one of the member's comments because my brother and i had just discussed it on the way up to my mom and dads house the nite of his passing and i want to share his last few hours with us amongst his busnut family which i know he would have wanted.the day day he passed away he was working on his bus at home under a big oak tree next to his pole barn it was a beautiful warm sunny michigan fall day and just before the accident happened he called my mom whom was in the house and asked her to bring down some lunch so they could have lunch toghether as he took a break from his work.she did and they sat on one of his bus tires and enjoyed his last meal as we know it toghether next to his bus as i remeber doing myself many times growing up as me and my brother and my dad worked out in the garage or most of the time in the driveway of our house because his semi was to big to get in the garage.we shared many of meals toghether next to an old truck or car as we were working on it toghether.i would give anthing right now to be able to have that back! my dad would not have wanted to leave this world any other way than he did..he was at home with his wife at his side and working on his life long passion his bus.this has been very hard for me to get through this post but i felt all his busnut family should know this and i know deep in my heart he would be glad i have shared it with all you.may god bless each and every one of you and please be careful working on your busses as i cant tell you the pain associated with this type of loss...thank you the stewart family...
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Re: Update on man crushed by bus
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Way to go Ron... It sure is nice to see someone man enough to come and publicly apologize for saying something they shouldn't.  Thanks to you for being such a man!  Cat
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