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Hello everyone,
Yep, this is lengthy Ole Gary LaBombard again but I am submitting (176 Actual Photo's) of busses and RV's and everyone at the Timmonsville, SC bus gathering held last past weekend from May 19 - May 21, 2006.

I want to first thank Dallas and Cat for arranging for us to do this and all the hard work I am sure that went into getting it done. We all had the very, very best enjoyable time I know.

The first bus rally I ever went to was last year's at Arcadia, Fl. that was sponsored by Jack and Paula Conrad. I thought that was just the pits, I had so much fun in so little time we were there but really enjoyed seeing the hundreds of rigs there, I never did get to see them all inside or talk to the owners but had great time in looking on my own.

I had a good friend, Tony Stewart tell us all before this rally was on that it was too bad that the small bus gatherings were almost non-existant and I thought what does he know?? Well I have to admit Tony, YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! My wife and I had the best time fellowshipping with all the busnuts that came. In fact I saw tears in few eyes as we all started to depart for home on Sunday as if we all knew each other for years. But you know, I also personally felt like we did in only 72 hours or there so.

We ate, drank, looked at all the work each of the bus nuts did on their rigs. We got ideas from some of the others there etc. and now we can make changes or in my case serious consideration for my conversion not yet complete.

I have never felt so relaxed personally in any gathering of any kind in my life like we experienced at Timmonsville, thanks agian to Dallas and Cat for arranging.

I got to go in every bus and every RV and took pictures of all the owners and their rigs from one end outside and inside to the other. I took 176 photos and took over 11.5 hours so far today just to get them ready to go on the net. I just wanted everyone who has never experienced this intimate style of gathering to consider doing it. I guarantee you will have a great time especially if you get to have the same people we met this weekend or some like them.

You do not need a Bus, you do not need a completed converted bus, you can come in a RV or if you have neither you can rent a trailer that is on most sites like this. What ever it takes consider coming and just see what these full timers have been keeping to themselves.

I have one more post to make about this gathering but will do it tomorrow. It has to do with one person that has really inspired me more than many I have ever met and his name is Jay McKnight. I am too tired to elaborate right now but will tomorrow and want to give you a reason to come back and see the other post. Jay can use all our support after I explain what he needs and I guarantee if you have children or grandchildren you will think of this fine young mans struggle in life. So be sure to come tomorrow and see what I am talking about.

I want to thank a few special people also that made this bus gathering a success and one of them again is Dave Lang for the great cooking of the pig that was the best ever and his hard working wife, Carol, for helping get the barbecue all done.

Also Meinhart & Melissa Lagies for the great big supply of beverages you brought. I have never, ever seen anything like this and we all enjoyed it more than you can imagine. I am sure the store owner ate steak that night after that sale. Thanks again and especially for the down to earth respect we all felt from you.

We were entertained professionally by 4 other great busnuts, J.R.& Terry Lynch and John & Anita bishop. You missed great entertainment for any family member of any age to enjoy.

I will not take any more time in thanking the many that did contribute, I am sure I will lose my audience out of boredom but everyone knows we all had fun, and want to repeat it with the same people again soon.

Now before I give you the address of the photo's to look at here is a little information to help you view them.

(1) I put them all in one album. If this causes any difficulty for anyone to download let me know and I will have to do what I really don't want to and divide them up. DSL has really spoiled me but I know there is many out there that still have phone modem.

(2) View photos in groups that pertain to one coach at a time such as:
(1a, 1b, 1c, 1d) etc. Then #2a, 2b etc. will be another coach and their owner. I hope this makes sence.

Go to: ]

  Click on (#11 Album, Timmonsville, S.C., Bus Gathering, May 2006).
I am exhausted now, I hope you enjoy the photo's 1/10 as much as we enjoyed the real thing. Hope to convince some of you to do this in the future.

Gary LaBombard
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Thanks so much for putting those photo's up for all of us to enjoy.
Cat and myself and I'm sure everyone else appreciates all the hard work you've gone to. And I'm sure it was hard work, at least it was for me just watching you work with the camera.
Also I will be waiting for your next post, as the young man you spoke of touched many hearts last weekend.

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Gary, All I can say is WOW!  I knew you were busy with that camera but never realized just how many pictures you took.  That in itself took time.  I also saw you taking time to write down names and other information so you could keep everything straight. The greatest work was posting all those photos.  They are great and are most definitely appreciated.  Those of us that were there love them because of the memories they bring back and I am sure that those that could not attend will appreciate them so they can get just a taste of the fun we had.  Thank you for all this work.  I have not had a chance to check out all of them yet but have most definitely enjoyed the ones I have. THANK YOU!!!!! Cat  <><  <><  <><  <><  <><  <><
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Really nice job on all the photo's

You are elected as Rally Historian with a vote of 15-0 ;D

On a personal note; it was really our privilage to get to know you and Linda better, you are some fine folks and hopefully it won't be too long until we cross paths again.

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You all can't possibly imagine the joy I felt in watching the fantastic slide show which Gary put together for all of us to enjoy!  :)
I spent the last hour or so reading all the great articles and putting faces with the names of so many of the folks I've either spoke with on the phone or related to on the boards.  Oh my, how I'm kicking myself for not being able to attend.  I sure won't make that mistake a second time!  >:(

The sense of comradrie is clearly apparent in the faces of all who were there.  There's no doubt in my mind that many friendships which will last a long time found their beginnings with the help of the Farnsworth's.  :D

Kudo's to all. Here's a promise....Come Hell or High Water...Jackie and I will attend the next get together!  ;)  This is too much fun to miss again!