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Re: tires and Nitrogen
« Reply #30 on: October 11, 2007, 06:05:47 AM »
Unless your a fleet and putting tons of miles on, its probably not worth it! Now I can vouch that it worked in racing, tires build heat while racing, and I mean lots of heat it wasn't abnormal to see tire temps reaching 200F, now if your using O2 there is a lot of moisture and as the temperature climbs the pressure also climbs, as they climb the tire size or diameter grows also (stagger) as the diameter changes the car setup changes on both dirt and asphalt this makes a huge difference and drastically affects how your car handles!  This at one time was a secret in racing but that was a long time ago.  N2 made the handling predictable!  The way we put N2 in the tires was we also had a pressure relief valve in each wheel, we used this to purge the O2 as we filled them with N2!  Unless you start racing your bus......i'd stick with 02!

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Re: tires and Nitrogen
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OK OK I got an Idea! If everybody here will send me just $10 I'll buy one of those nitrogen generating compressor, an then I can run it in all the buses that come thru our shop and do an indepth study on how it effects all of US! And any of you will be welcome to come by and fill the tires on your buses for free! See I think we gots a winning real life testing solution here!  :D

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