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Good Sams success story,
« on: May 23, 2006, 06:08:58 AM »
Good Sams success story,

I bought my 4104 back in March, and the shakedown run was 1000 miles bringing her home from Florida.  Now the bus was inspected and looked good/ready to roll, but I’m crazy – not stupid (this is 48 year old equipment we’re talking about here) so I went ahead and joined Good Sams.

Brought the bus home with no problems and I’ve been having a ball with it since.  Bussin’ is fun.

My 17 year old daughter drives my Ford Explorer to school.  Now she’s a good kid, but a little scatterbrained sometimes.  I had 2 keys to the Ford.  She lost one, so I gave her mine with instructions to hit Wallyworld and get a new key cut ASAP.  ASAP is like tomorrow or the mythic “Round-Tuit”, so of course it never came.

This morning she came back into the house with an unhappy look.  She had locked the (only) key in the truck the night before.  Here’s what happened next.

07:45 - I called Good Sams,,, “Please hold”
07:47 – Sams operator picks up, takes info.
07:53 – Local auto service calls house with a few questions.
08:10 – Local auto service truck parks in my driveway.
08:20 – Local auto service guy is done and gone, my Ford is open for business.
08:27 – Good Sams operator calls back, “Is everything Ok? Do you need anything else”.

Now that’s just cool.  I haven’t needed them for a bus problem, and hope I never do, but I was really happy with what happened this morning. ;D

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Re: Good Sams success story,
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Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together?  ;)   Instead of Knocking  the Good Sam's let's give 'em a cheer for this one!  ;D


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Re: Good Sams success story,
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2006, 08:00:30 AM »
I have AAA plus and did not have a similar experience. I think I will add Good Sams to my existing coverage