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Re: Air Horns
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Hey Songman, those horns sound like they came of an old Crown Super Coach, 1952-60'ish. Just a thought for your mounts. All the Best, M&C

FWIW Dale (songman) isn't here anymore. It was too bad that we lost him.

God bless,

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Re: Air Horns
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Thank for the up-date John.M&C :(
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Re: Air Horns
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Don Fairchild and Songman have parted ways.
I have 3 different horns on my bus.  One is the normal two tone electric.  Then I have two sets of twins on the roof.  One is the normal 17" and 19" the other is the same but cut down to 13" and 15".  Each has its' own pull chain so I can either blow the high one, the low one or all four at the same time.  Then my final one is the Buell truck 4 chime train horn mounted in front of my front door behind the bumper facing down to the pavement.  That will get anyone's attention.  Good Luck, TomC
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