Author Topic: What fluid does Ross power steering use?  (Read 2367 times)


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What fluid does Ross power steering use?
« on: May 26, 2006, 01:43:40 PM »
Checking out my bus today and repaired the blower sight glass.  Which prompted me to check the rest of the fluids.  My MC5A has retrofitted Ross power steering and it appears the sight glass is MT!  >:(

Do any of the more astute among you know what would be the proper fluid to bring it up to level?  :)

Normally, I would use power steering fluid, but in this case, just in case it's hydraulic oil... :-[  I thought I'd better check it out.


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Re: What fluid does Ross power steering use?
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Hi Bob,
If it's red, its Dexron.  If it's brown, it's 10W30 motor oil.  MCI used both.  Pull the cover off the res and see what color the oil is.   You can tell by the smell too.  Automatic trans fluid stinks.  Motor oil doesn't. 
You don't want to mix them, but either works fine. 
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