Author Topic: Whos makes custom windows besides Peninsula?  (Read 7969 times)

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Re: Whos makes custom windows besides Peninsula?
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Highly recommend Peninsuala.  Last year I went to Rickreall, Or in July '05 for the get together mainly to talk to Peninsula glass since they were going to be there.  My AMGeneral bus has a tapered window edge that is not conducive to custom windows.  They had one model that would work and would have to mount the windows from the outside only (no vanity ring on the interior) and only single pane.  After Rickreall, went directly to their office in Vancouver, Wa and spent the night in their parking lot (even have elec hook up).  They measured the windows and I selected the tint-although they only had two gray tints-one was on the light side and the other was almost a limo tint.  I choose the lighter tint-but wished they had one in between.  Then went home. Came back in October (live in L.A.) by myself since my wife didn't want to do the drive in two days.  Again spent the night and at 9 in the morning, drove the bus inside the building.  They took out the old raddely transit windows (I had already removed the rain gutter above), installed 6-74"wide by 32" tall, 2-24"wide by 32" tall, and the driver's window that had to be modified on the spot because of the contour of the side wall and that I had the slider on the front of that window.  All windows are single slide with removeable screens.  Also, we measured and cut a groove into the rain gutter for the windows that now protrude a bit out the side.  This all took 8 hours in one day and I was on my way. Cost-right at $4,000.00.  Man what a difference in the noise level inside the bus.  I almost fell asleep on the way home!  Also, the bus is almost air tight.  When both roof vents are closed and all windows are closed, when you close the outside door and you're inside, your ears pop.  So I have the bathroom vent propped open all the time by about 2 inches.  Very pleased with the new windows.  They look great and work well (although not as heavily built as the original windows, but then again transits are built like tanks) and my wife and I simple love the largeness of the windows.  I haven't seen a bus yet with bigger windows and more of them yet. Only thing I would have done differently now is I should have just skinned over the entire side of the bus and then recut the window openings.  Then I could have used conventional windows with the vanity ring, and had double pane windows.  Although, my single pane windows keep out most of the noise and seal very well.  Good Luck, TomC
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