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true however my statement about the mack is still correct,  It was not until Greyhound bought MCi in entirty that the MC-6 was built.  1958 if I recall, mack was built in 1956 at Greyhound US's request,

while greyhound  Cn owned a majority of MCi I beleive the MCI MC1-4 totalled less than 200 units....and the MC-5 was an update to that series....with the US production/Assembly of MCI buses in the early 60's Greyhound US started taking delivery of units......at this time MCI did not have the production capability and thus the continued GM orders through the 4107 as well as the extended life of the Scenicruiser of which the MC-6 was slated to replace iof you looked at the mack side by side with an MC-6 you would see ALOT of plagerism in design