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Good luck in your travels south.  What is P.A.?

John -

P.A. = Prince Albert, a town in Saskatchewan Province.

FWIW & HTH. . .

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P. A. = Port Angeles just south of Victoria, B.C. across the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the Olympic peninsula.

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Many ways to solve "cold fuel" the tank...  Additives, such as are available at any truck stop.  And yes...even that "other" fuel. Doesn't take much of it, depending on your tank size, a soda can or two, usually does the trick.

BTW, while the Webasto will warm the engine and heat exchangers and water heater, not sure how it will warm the fuel....unless one wraps the fuel tank.  That would take a lot of copper  and a lot of warming, seems to me.   :)

FWIW.   Where's Fast Fred?


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Our heating system is plumbed directly to the engine coolant.  We run a 50/50 AF/water mix that's good to about -45.  Its no warmer today but we're one day closer to leaving this deep freeze so that's a good thing.  Last night I discovered that one of my ceramic heaters pulls 15 amps when set on high.  That's good to know.  And my Freedom 25 inverter works just fine in protect mode.  It was sucking the batteries down to keep the breaker on the campground post protected. 

Mama & me stayed toasty warm under the electric blanket (with separate zone controls).

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You are the man.  I could see no benefit to using the fresh water for the Pro Heat (PH).  I should think that valving could protect the engine from a heating system leak and not down the bus.  Fresh water also leaves a residue ANYEHERE I have ever been.  Circulating virgin fresh would just coat all my heat exchangers and other elements with that white stuff and the boiler needs inspected INSIDE every year or so and that should present no problem whatsoever.  Coolant leaves residue also but you have additives and it will only build up with what is contained in the 50% mix.....use distilled and you get zero impurities.  Like I said, the coolant seemed the only way to go but there is a catch.  Smart people on this board have opted for the fresh approach and I still ponder their full rationale.  All opinions respected and each gives me pause. :)

Pop the shore breaker and then turn it down a notch.  That is fine tuning your load. ::)

Good and safe travels my fellow Nut ;D ;D ;D  Wish we were trading places...after you get a little further south. :'(

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