Author Topic: Can someone chime in as to whether jakes for a 4 valve -71 will fit on a 2 valve  (Read 1499 times)

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As I continue my search i noticed that on the cover of the jake manual for -71/-92 series engine they mention it will work on4 or  2 valve engines.  This was news to me as I had previously been informed that you need something special (or very old) to get jakes to work on a 2 valve -71).  If this is not the case it is going to be much easier to find jakes for my 6-71. I have searched the jake site for this info but it doesn't go back that far, maybe there is a jakes forum somewhere (I'll have to look into that)   Thanks as always, Patrick.


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Patrick did you try the Detroit Diesel two stroke group on yahoo?

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Best Answer:

Email or call Jacobs tomorrow morning and ask them

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They can be installed on a 2 value head. It takes a  cap on one exhaust value instead of the bridge over two exhaust values on the 4 value. I have some of the caps, instruction and parts break down.

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