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Author Topic: Water hose for bus???  (Read 3881 times)


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Re: Water hose for bus???
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2008, 07:34:12 PM »
Your, larger hose shops can cut and make the smooth end for the radiator.If you can not find them local email me and I can get them made for you in Houston

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Re: Water hose for bus???
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Jack: That is a great offer from makemineatwostroke. Maybe have him get a price before you commit.  If he can get the correct hose, go for it.

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Re: Water hose for bus???
« Reply #17 on: January 14, 2008, 08:07:01 AM »
Concerning clamping.  The cheap automotive hose had the non-corrugated ends for clamping.

This hose is built on a round mandrel.  The inside of the hose should be smooth.  It is the outside of the hose that is corrugated and that results from the wire that is spiraled on the tubing material. 

You can cut the hose to any length  (you will have to cut the wire, and it is some tough stuff).  It can be clamped.  I have not used this hose, but I would think you would need to be careful when you clamp.  I would not use anything but the spring loaded clamps.  I would suspect that even with those clamps, you would need to go back and check them after a week or two of use (that is true of any of our applications - again even with the spring clamps)

All things considered, our diesel bus cooling hose applications are not nearly as tough as a gasoline car application.  Our temperatures are much less - especially when compared to the new smog engines that have to be operated at some pretty high temperatures, and the pressure is also quite a bit lower.  The difference is the huge number of miles, and thus hours, of exposure to the operating conditions.  That is why, with our low number of miles, we can get by just fine with rubber hose and not have to use silicone hose which is very expensive and can have leak issues.

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