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Keyboard Tips N'Tricks, Shortcuts
« on: June 04, 2006, 06:27:25 AM »
Full Screen
Hello. Just to let some know that it you hit the F 11 button on your keyboard you get a Full screen( no favorites or anything else up there). To go back just hit F 11 again and you get back to a regular screen.   
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Oops, Go Back
How many times have you hit a function key and just as you hit you you said Oops, I didn't want to do that?  But there is not a go back  button here like there is in Word. There is however a keystroke function that will accomplish this action generally. That  keystroke is Ctrl-Z.

Here are some more you might find useful:

Let's start with the WinKey. This is the key with the backwards Windows flag or logo on it, which you may not have, depending on your keyboard.

WinKey + D =  Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop
WinKey + L =  Locks the computer (Windows XP only)
WinKey + Tab = Cycles through the programs shown on the taskbar
WinKey + F = Brings up the Windows Search box
WinKey+E =  Opens up Windows Explorer
WinKey + R =  Opens the Run dialog box
WinKey + Pause = Opens System Properties

Using the keyboard, you might find these useful.
SHIFT+F10 =  Same as right-clicking an object
CTRL+ESC =  Opens the Start menu
SHIFT =  Press and hold down the SHIFT key while you insert a CD-ROM to bypass the auto-run feature
ALT+underlined letter in menu =  Opens the menu
ALT+F4 =  Closes the current program
CTRL+F4 =  Closes the current window in a program
ALT+F6 =  Switches between multiple windows in the same program
CTRL+Tab =  Switches between multiple tabbed windows in the same program
SHIFT+DELETE =  Deletes selection immediately, without it hitting the Recycle Bin

Here are some shortcuts for Microsoft Word.
Ctrl + A =  Selects all the contents of a page
Ctrl + C =  Copy selected text
Ctrl + X =  Cut selected text
Ctrl + V =  Paste the selected text
Ctrl + F =  Opens the find box
Ctrl + B =  Bolds the highlighted selection
Ctrl + I  =  Italicize the highlighted selection
Ctrl + K =  Insert a link to a Web site
Ctrl + U =  Underline the highlighted selection
Ctrl + Y =  Repeat the last action performed
Ctrl + Z =  Undo last action (I love this one!)
Ctrl + End = Moves the cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl + Home = Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document

And when you do need to use the mouse, here are some shortcuts for it.
Double-click =  Selects a word
Triple-click =  Selects a paragraph
Ctrl + Mouse wheel = Use it when you want to zoom in and out of what is showing on the screen

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