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New 120 volt Refrigerator
« on: April 26, 2008, 05:05:40 PM »
Info, if anyone wants it.
Have read many posts over the years, and finally got rid of a perfectly working Norcold 6 cu ft.   The wife wanted more room, and better shelving.  I wanted something that would fit in the existing hole, with minimum cutting.  We settled on a Summit CP97.  We have used it for one year, with no regrets.  Sold the Norcold for $175.

Reason for the Summit CP97:                                                                                             a. Minimum moving parts=less electricity.  Compressor and interior light are only loads in this model. (NO munion/door heaters, evap or cond fans, defrost time clock motor, or defrost heaters)
b. Manual defrost
c. Convection condenser coils in back. Convection Evaps inside. (no fans)
d. Separate freezer on top
e. Cheap ($290) Ordered from Lowe’s

Changes I made:
a. Wired in a small 120 volt indicator light, to the common compressor terminal, so I can tell when the compressor is running. 
b. Wired in a switch to turn off main power.  This is to turn off when not in use, and to turn off if running, when I want to start the generator.  There is a .5 second power interruption when the  invertor  switches from battery to generator power.  This will cause the compressor to short cycle, or stall.  A small compressor has hardly no starting torque.  Normally when a refrigerator compressor shuts off, its has 20 minutes or more to equalize the pressures, therefore allowing the refrigerator to start with no pressure against the compressor.  The indicator light above (a) will also tell me if it stalls or short cycles.  Stalling is hard on the compressor, and drains your batteries quickly.
3. Replaced the original solid state (cheap) start assist that came with the compressor, with an after market Supco RC0810.  This is a more powerful, start assist.  Not an Original Equipment Manufacturer approved part, but is used in the industry under certain conditions.
4.  Wired in a switch, that jumps out the thermostat.  When I run the generator, I want the  refer to run, even if it gets a little too cold.  That way it will be off longer, before it comes back on, using batteries.
5.  Installed a small slide latch on the refer door.  The door has shelves, its heavy, it will come open under way.  No shelves in freezer door, never has come open.  Bought from Home Depot, cut off and shortened.  Reversed slide.  Cut small hole in door for slide.  Do not drill or cut holes in main refer cabinet, there is a refrigerant line where the gasket touches, to keep the gasket from freezing.
6. Used orange plug in extention cords to connect external switches.  You should not run a refer or freezer off an extention cord.  But for such a small load, I broke that rule.  I wanted an easy way to  remove refer when needed.

Specs:  Boise Belle, MCI5A, Wrico 8KW, Freedom 2000, 6 Trojan T-105
No Solar (Love the Shade), Refer draws 1.3 amps at 120v once it is cold.
When boon docking, 90% of the time, run the generator twice a day for 2 hours.  We use a lot of electricity.  Lots of lights, surround sound, microwave, movies, curling iron, refer, etc.  Before the electric refer, only ran generator once a day, for 2 hours.

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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2008, 06:31:55 PM »
Hi Boise Belle,

Looks very impressive! I also like your lock system...

Good Luck with and Thanks for sharing!
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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2008, 07:53:53 PM »
This is my kind of post; A mini how-to manual with good photo documentation. I would like to see more stuff like this. Great job and thanks for sharing.

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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2008, 08:29:52 PM »
I've never heard of the issue with the compressor when starting the generator.

Is this still an issue when switching from inverter to generator when the inverter also has an internal transfer switch?  My frig runs on inverter most of the time unless I start the generator to charge the batteries.  I don't even have a shore power connection yet.

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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2008, 09:02:39 PM »
Very informative post. Thank you.

Was not aware for a better starter available over counter.

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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2008, 08:57:32 AM »
Hi Boise Belle,

I'm confused!! If your new Summit refrigerator fits in the same space as your old Norcold,how did you gain more space? If you did gain more space, how much more? Just curious.

Thanks, Sam 4106

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Re: New 120 volt Refrigerator
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2008, 09:22:35 AM »
Very nice setup. Being the gadgeteer that I am, I would be inclined to automate most of your functions.  A delay on relay to protect the compressor, another relay to bypass the thermostat when the gen is running.
All with manual override of course :)
Us gadgeteers can't have too many relays, switches and lights.


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