Author Topic: got most of the chared wood removed  (Read 851 times)

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got most of the chared wood removed
« on: April 27, 2008, 07:21:44 PM »
I have been removing the burn't wood trying to get some where on this project.

I see that I may need to rebuild the back of the seat that use to be it is the bottom of the bed and is swaying about 3 inches I can't sleep on that.  Don't think I could expect any one else to either.

i still have come of the burn't and chared ash to remove.  Hope to get some new ply wood tomarrow.

Any body have any ideas for a inslation to go on the inside of the engine compartment that is not too expensive?

One other thing did some one say that the aresal cans of spray foam were flamable?  is that before it dries or after?  I see that there was some used in the bus but it did not looke like it burn't just turned dark.
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