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air leveling system
« on: June 08, 2006, 07:48:24 PM »
 ??? so anybody out there know about air leveling systems??? have been told that my problem could be a stuck/plugged "check valve", what's a check valve??? there are a number of valves here on this bus. it worked when i shut 'er down. i have removed one PR 2 pressure protection valve, and am going to go through the other PR 2 valve, but the manual does not mention a "check valve". i am sort of puzzled as to the number of replies on other posts, as of should i use 10 guage wire?!?
THE MANUAL (parts) HAS 29 VALVES IN IT, so i'd kind of like to zero in on the one(s) that i should look at first, because as a student who is very limited on $$$, & my 1st call to bendix for a PR2 @ $66. +tax, shipping i can't really afford to replace something that may not be the problem.
 i will be heading out to indiana soon &  will need a lot of prayers for my wife & I & dogs & cats for this journey. i'm going to use ROMEX for my wiring in my "housecar", as that was what was in my motorhome, no problems.
i wish that was all i had to worry about & post to the board for information/help...

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Re: air leveling system
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2006, 09:34:39 PM »
Bobby….after looking up old post to find out brand & more information you request for answer…..I suggest saving you a lot of run-around….call a local bus charter and asking them who take care the mechanic works on Prevost buses.  Either them or get phone number that does. Still have no idea where you are to suggest a place to call.

You will get many suggestion on this board without ever looking in your bus…result of many variables suggestion to the problem plus many of us bus nuts may use difference name (not in manual) for any parts in the system. So it get more confuse & waste money for unnecessary times & headaches.

When I purchase my bus (MCI-8) I had their mechanic go over with me to explain whatever in my mind wants to know. They’re usually helpful & tip them to spent time with you.

Let us know whatever?

About using romex wire…unless you are well please with your wiring layout (manufacture is proven design and romex cost less to build motorhome) so it never need to add or relocate hook-up to avoid troubling re-snake or add stiff romex. I would go for plastic conduct so you can install or replace or remove multiple wires afterward.
Another word adds possible junction-box in location before covered wall so it ready in future. And you ever accidentally run a screw or nail to wire….you can replace it easily.


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Re: air leveling system
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2006, 05:01:28 AM »

Did you call JD at C&J, or Luke?  I bet either of them could tell you the most likely culprit from your description.

You said you have a manual.  If you can possibly scan and post the air system schematic, maybe some of us who are not familiar with the Prevost can go over it and give you a better idea where to look. If it's a stuck valve, you might be able to get it to unstick by tapping on it if you can pinpoint it.

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