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Relay? valve leaking
« on: June 12, 2006, 06:57:56 PM »
Greetings all! I am doing my conversion entirely from advice gleaned from lurking on this board (well, not quite, but close). I aired up the system of my model 10 Eagle in preperation for a move and I have a steady leak from what I believe is the exhaust port on the right rear relay valve (sits low near center of coach midway between the drive and bogie). I rapped lightly a few times on it in an attempt to dislodge a possibly stuck valve but it had no effect. I noticed this port appears to have 4 screws holding it in and am thinking about removing them to see if there is anything I can clean out?? I also noticed the cooler ( the copper "S" bent piping) has been disconnected and bypassed so that the compressor output goes directly to the Bendix air dryer - should I attempt to get this reconnected? I assume there must have been some type of leak or damage to account for the disconnect. Suggestions?

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Re: Relay? valve leaking
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2006, 07:07:55 PM »

Chock the wheels, release the parking brake and see if you still hear the leak.

Usually the sound of escaping air  in the relay is from another source like a diaphram.

If the leak goes away, block the bus, set the parking brake,  clamp off each of the air lines into the relay (vise grips) one at a time until it goes away.

If this doesn't identify where its coming from let us know.

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