Author Topic: Who has traveled through the Black Hills and the Rockies with an 8v71 MCI 9 ?  (Read 5741 times)

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I've made numerous trips in my 4104 w/671 and 4-sp on I-82/I-84 through OR, I-80/I-90 through the Rockies and I-70 east of Denver. It is no big deal, just take each grade as it comes instead of worrying about the whole bit.

You won't have overheating problems if you don't hesitate to use lower gears. Overheating happens when people try to climb in high gears at high speed and overfuel the engine. A 2-stroke won't overheat if you drop down a gear or two and let it rev high, it loves to rev.

Climb at lower speeds and enjoy the scenery more!

An Allison gives you a real advantage if you ever need to start on a steep grade. We peasants with 4-speeds are in a bind when that happens.
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If you do not need to go through Denver you may consider going through the Yampa Valley (Steamboat area) and avoid Loveland,Vail,etc. passes and it is much cooler up there even during the middle of the day - HTH

- Niles