Author Topic: You knew our trip couldn't end without ONE MORE ESCAPADE! warning: long post  (Read 5358 times)

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Sorry I haven't been able to write sooner, but leaving for 3 weeks during our busiest time of the year does have it's penalties, and I've been drowned in paperwork and phone calls. 

angel comes to your aid. Thanks for the story.....

You are now my new best friend  :-* and you are very welcome :D

install a fuel gauge. . . .adjust your generator fuel pickup so it is somehwere between 1/2 and 1/4

Yeah, I know, I know, but then would I have had this good story for you guys?  I'm sure BigBus will get EVERYTHING, and yes, on it, the tube does stop before the bottom of the tank!

You should bundle all your traveling adventures into a book. In fact, it could be made into a movie (it would be better than "The Long Long Trailer" with Dezi Arnez & Lucille Ball). Now, who will play the 2 lead characters??  Jack

Well, actually, I really just thought you guys were all being "nice" about my posts, and of course, Larry, well, he's SUPPOSED to say nice stuff about my writing, but the funniest thing happened.  I had a list of a bunch of e-mail addresses for members of my class, and when I sent the "shreddy the blown tire" story to them, even those "non-bus" people insisted they wanted me to send more stories and write a book.  I've been offered an illustrator, editor and publicist, all members of my very large graduating class, ha ha.  Of course, I told Larry we're going to have to take a LOT more trips before I have enough material for a book, and then as we reviewed our life time together over the last 20+ years, we came to the sad realization that our entire life together is nothing but a conglomeration of hilarious incidents. ??? ;D

As for lead characters. . .hmmm, as much as I'd pick Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, I'm afraid it'd be more likely they use Steven Corel and Kathy Griffin.   :D

Christy gathered too many ROCKS in the bay

haha, well, not that I haven't gathered plenty of junk in the past, actually, Christy forgot to project 15 hrs of genny usage into the future when she did her, ahem,  :-[, calculations. 

Great story...Could happen to


guys on this board that are saying "Damn, that Larry is one lucky son-of-a-bitch, I wish I had a Christy"

Yeah, well, you can be SURE   ;) that's not the thoughts going through his mind as the engine is sputtering and he's eyeing 4 more miles of construction cones in front of him, ha ha.   :'(

I ran out, in the truck stop, 100 yards from the pumps. . .Angel are people that watch over us in times of need

Now, I've got to think that running out that close to the pumps would be more than even I, could bear,  :D

Me, I'm thinking that either our Angel is getting tired, :(, or he's got QUITE a good sense of humour :D and is just sitting back enjoying the ride! ;D

Just tell Larry that someone must have siphoned fuel from your tank, You are off the hook, right? 

Hey!  Where were you when I needed you???? >:(  Man. . why didn't I THINK OF THAT??!?!? ;D

You guys are a hoot!  Love Christy
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I can't add any stories of real life to this  ::) ::)

Just tell Larry that someone must have siphoned fuel from your tank, You are off the hook, right?  ;D

Good read, I always enjoy hearing of your Over The Road Tales.

One more thing, I always like to fuel up at one half tank. I don't trust gauges, dipping or even my math. ;) I'm lousy at math anyway.  :'(


Must be something to your logic Paul, for at the bus yard they don't allow us to start our day with less than half a tank. Even though our routes are seldom more than 150 miles long.

Our maintanance super is a real horse's back side, and the last day of the year I was tempted to give him a going away present of a bus on the side of the road completely out of fuel, but I came to my senses.

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I found out the hard way that my 4106 with 144 gal tank will not pick up the last 20 gals of fuel, when i had my deisel gen set i set the fuel pick up line about 3/4 of the way down in the tank so that the gen set would stop running before the big engine, but there is nothing like a good ole fuel gauge which i now have
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