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Washboard Rally Report
« on: July 27, 2008, 04:04:56 PM »
Washboard Festival Report

HI Everyone,

This is who attended the June12 -15 Washboard Festival in Logan Ohio.

   George & Jill Trotter                              Campbellcroft, Ontario Canada
   Bill & Doris Clark                                  Millbrok, Ontario Canada
Don Fawcett & Shirley Goldsmith         Midlan, Ontario Canada
Larry & Alma Baker                               Olivet, MI   USA
Don & Sandy Moyer                               East Lake, OH
John & Kay Olson                                   Mt Pleasant, MI USA
Dennis & Bernadette Dunning        Tecumseh, Ontario Canada
Lloyd & Jean Koppes                              Loveland, OH USA
Paul & Claudiene Elbisser                        Cincinnati, ON USA

We arrived at Lancaster campgrounds on Wednesday June 11, 2008. We thought we would be first to arrive at the camp grounds but the Dunnings beat us. On Thursday, most every one arrived. When the three buses from Canada arrived together, it looked like a Parade coming down the road.
   Thursday night dinner was Road Kill Stew (Homemade Roast Beef Hash with Potatoes, Peas, Carrots and Dinner Rolls).
   Friday morning after a breakfast of Biscuits & Gravy -Fried eggs -Toast –Coffee and Juice, John Olson called for direction to the campground. George Trotter and Paul Elbisser went to show John the way back to the campground. His bus would not start. John’s toolbox is well equipped and after testing, we found a bad starter. John did not have a 12 point 9/16 socket. It took us three stores and sixty minutes to find the socket. We removed the starter and took it to a starter repair shop only eight blocks away. That only took us fifteen minutes to find. We returned with a new starter. All repairs and shopping were done in less than three hours and the Olsons arrived at the campgrounds safe and sound.
Some immediately left for the Washboard Festival in Logan while others stayed at the campground and socialized.
Friday night dinner was at the Olive Garden Restaurant because a storm came up. Some crazy people; Jill, Doris, Claudiene & Paul sat under the lowered canopy pushing off the water pockets that would fill up as fast we dumped them out. Some people do not have enough sense to get out of the rain.
We all dried out in time for Saturday morning’s breakfast of omelets with red, green & yellow peppers, onions, cheese & sausage, toast & jellies, coffee, OJ & grapefruit juice and mixed fruit.
After breakfast, we took a tour of some old buildings on the grounds. The first was the Davis auditorium built in 1895. It is 120 feet square and sat close to four thousand people. A unique feature was that it was built so that there are no support pillars to disturb the vision of the audience. The architect specialized in railroad trestle design. This is seen in the roof support system. We also saw the old grocery store built in1872. We found things in the store we remember seeing our grandparents and parents use. Some are still using them today. From here, all 20 of us went to the train station in Nelsonville to get our train tickets for the 6 PM train that day. Boy, I thought the woman was going to have a stroke when she found out that we all needed tickets. We then went to Robins Crossing that has about 8 to 10 log cabins with people in period costumes where they tell you about the homes.
After this, we split up, some left to go shopping and others returned to the festival to eat and listen to the music and visit the washboard factory. We all met at the train station at 5:30 to board the train. It was a nice ride but on the way back, Cowboys on horse back with guns, robbed the train. They got on the train and some of the women tried to get them to take their husbands. They even tried to pay them, but had no luck.   
After the Train ride, we went back to the campgrounds for a dinner with a choice of either Italian sausage hoagies with red, yellow & green peppers and onions, or chicken wraps that also had peppers and onions, lettuce, dressing, cranberries & cheese or they chose both with their choice of beverage.
After dinner, we had a special treat. George Trotter played his bagpipes. It was great. A special thanks to George.
Sunday morning began with some challenges. One of our drivers was stuck when he went the wrong way pulling out of their campsite. The driver was to turn left out of the campsite and turn around at end of the drive, in the turn-a-round. He had to call for a tow truck to get him out, which took about three hours. We now call him Wrong Way Bill.
Then it was Larry Baker’s turn to go and he had trouble with a broken lug on a battery cable at the starter. Larry and Lloyd went to find a mechanical lug. They found a smaller lug and cut the wire down to fit, bolted it to a steel strap that a ½” hole could be drilled to fit on the lug on the starter. The bus started and Larry & Alma were off. We called them and they made it home okay. Larry was already working on the bus at home.
After everyone left the campgrounds, it was only the Dunnings & Elbissers left. We met a woman on Monday that gave us a tour of an old hotel, the oldest home (built in 1870) and the Seifert Museum. Volunteers then graciously opened the gift and bargain shop. This was very nice of her to do for just four people.
They are all volunteers at this park. If you ever get to Lancaster, Ohio, try the campgrounds and take a step back in time. The campsites have water and both 30 & 50-amp electric at each site for only $20.00 a night.
We hope everyone had a great time and we want to thank everyone who came and offer special thanks for our helpers.  We missed the ones that could not make it on this trip. We hope to see you next time.

   Your Rally Hosts,
   Paul & Claudiene Elbisser
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Re: Washboard Rally Report
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It sounds like a great time and some great people! Glad t hear that all that made the trip enjoyed it. It's been yrs since we were there but I remember going there as a kid,, glad to hear it's still around for folks to enjoy!

By the way it was great meeting you & Claudiene last month when you stopped in. I wish things had been less hectic and we'd had more time to sit and visit.

Things are just as hectic right now, but they are begining to lighten up. Except I keep bringing buses home like strays. It seems they all need this or that. I just got told by mom as they left for Detroit for 9 days "don't go bring'n more buses home while we're gone!"

They already know about the one I'm going down to look at tomorrow, and dad told me "if it's as good of deal as you think it is. Then go ahead and buy it!" Mom just gave us both a disgusted look, and mumbled something as she walked away! ;D  BK  ;D
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