Author Topic: Motor is very tired... (so am I)  (Read 6758 times)

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Re: Motor is very tired... (so am I)
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2008, 08:34:30 AM »
Just sit tight and wait. Don't strip it or dump it.
There will be the right time when its time to get the engine
fixed up. Maybe not now but you would get a bad case of
sellers remorse if you gave up now.

There are plenty of Left Hand engines out there if you are
patient and look around at places like transit auctions.
Those FLX & RTS buses are just about ready to be auctioned
off and sometimes you can get them for very little dollars.

You might even find a Cummins or Detroit 50 series with all
the stuff to install it if you are diligent. With the left hand
transmission adapter all ready to go.

Or you at least have a storage container that is self propelled
even if it doesn't run great.

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Re: Motor is very tired... (so am I)
« Reply #31 on: August 13, 2008, 09:27:56 AM »
Chaz Hi,we've never spoken before but I read your last post"as usual"and took great interest.As you probably know I've got issue's with my bus too,exept to say I don't know exactly what's up with my motor.whatI do know is what led up to my problem.I've gone thru great lengths to even get to where I am now.Seems the two of us are in the same boat (MATEY).When my engine first started throwing fits I got pissed off (fuel pump,amarillo)Realizing I needed to calm down first so I could see my way clear to a sollution otherwise I'm not getting this rig home .Now it's something else URGH! ,with no resorces and no manuals ,no place to park it I'm screwed.Untill I calmed down the answer nothin was gonna change ,found this web site and things started to take a direction instead of being stuck in a dead end .I got into a hole with this one too,need more money,parts some one that can give me their honest opinion concerning the big paper weight occuping the engine compartment.

   Reading your post and under standing what your plight was about reveiled some thing to me there ain't nothin that can't be resolved .If you love your bus like I do then roll ya sleeves up and get busy ,family first then the bus .I myself thought of selling the eagle,ok then what,I'm left with out the thing (material thing)I desire the most,thats B.S. Now I haven't owned my bus as long as you have,but already have an attachment to it so I know what you're goin thru.You got one opinion now go get some more and weigh them out,if money is the problem get some(I know this ain't easy)and get the job done.If ya got a place to do the job at home go for it your further ahead than I am,but don't throw your future happiness away cause ya missed the big trip ya been planning for .You always get over these set backs and the loved ones will too eventually

   It's real easy for friends and loved ones to suggest to sell the bus when things don't go our way,but thats only because we express nothing but negativity around them when the chips are down.And now after we had some time to think things thru our attitude changes some what,ya start to realize all ain't lost the solution is doable and ya make a go for it ,but wait a minute the family didn;t pick up on this and now I want to fix the thing after all ,family all of a sudden thinks your'e nuts . now after all of this I have to convince the family (after convincing my self)this ain't no thing ,boy do I feel like a sap, draggin every one around me down when things were'nt right and now havin to bring them back up reassuring then that it'll be alright.the isight I come away with after this ordeal is,IT'S ONLY A SIMPLE MACHINE it can be fixed with the right resources .

  Although all my resources have not been met(location,funds for parts)I do have the ability to do the work myself ,and have my progress supervised and checked by some one more technically proficient such as the final assembly I.E setting the rack properly.You put alot of work into your rig I saw youre pics real nice .I don't care what any one else here says to make ya feel better(actually I do)if it's cause ya need the dough more,no brainer get rig of it(I would),if not make it right so you can have that renewed confidence ya once had.Dallas is close by get that man down there to help ya sort it out ,don't try to figure it out you're self if you are not sure .

  Don Fairchild has been kind enough to lend a hand in diognosing my engine,man am I greatfull,this only strengthens my resolve.If I lived close enough to you I would be more than happy to lend you a hand.The day will come again when you'll turn the key and the beast will roar to life first shot.Hope I didn't pee on anybodys parade, but it's what I've been going thru and how I feel now.There are too many people out here that have the knoledge to share with us to be be laying back fellin sorry for our selves ,let's get back up on our feet(unless ya work better layin down ,no sense in fallin over)and get goin And I'll see ya down the road some where ,where we can sit back and laugh about this .

   nothin but love for ya

   The Bike Whisperer

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Re: Motor is very tired... (so am I)
« Reply #32 on: August 13, 2008, 10:43:38 AM »
You have gotten a lot of expert tech advice here that will make the job much more affordable if you go for keeping it.  But from the way you sound, I would just think that there is no harm in waiting a while.  We all know the story of the camel and the straw.  It sounds to me that the bus is your straw.  Removing the straw does not solve the camel's problem.  Put this one out of mind for now and take it up when things are better.

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Re: Motor is very tired... (so am I)
« Reply #33 on: August 13, 2008, 01:08:45 PM »
Chaz, call Dallas.......... 8)