Author Topic: Jersey Rally in October in Missouri  (Read 2261 times)

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Jersey Rally in October in Missouri
« on: August 26, 2008, 09:54:57 AM »
Well, we're assuming that the regulars know we will be still having a rally at The Big Red Barn campground in Carthage, MO, October 10-12th, 2008. 

This rally, contrary to the title, is open to all buses and wanna-be's, and yes, even those turn-coats who may have possible traded their bus in on a fifth-wheel or motorhome (you know who you are!). ;) :D

This has always been a laid-back, easy-going gathering of busnuts who enjoy gathering around the campfire and shooting the breeze.  We keep things very informal and ask that all willing participants simply contact the Big Red Barn Rv Park, at or

Big Red Barn RV Park
5089 CL 138
Carthage, Missouri 64836
(417) 358-2432

to make their reservations.  Dinners are usually potluck and most decisions on those are made pretty much, "on the fly", "at the time of delivery", ha ha.  More info will follow soon, Christy Hicks
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