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Re: 102A3 clutch issues
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Sammy , thanks very much for the info. it was great. I've come to the conclusion that the pressure plate is old and stiff. I went through all the  adjustments that Sammy sent me. I get the required 1 3/4 in cable travel at the pedal and when the cable is disconnected at the trans. I get the same travel, but when I hook it all up and depress the clutch pedal I  only get 1 1/4 in. travel. This is not enough travel to apply  the clutch brake.

The pressure plate that is in the coach has a bolt that you depress and turn clockwise to get more freeplay, counterclockwise to decrease the freeplay. Mine seems to be stuck as When I tryed to adjust it I stripped the teeth off the adjuster, thats the kind of day I've been having LOL. There were enough teeth left to put it back together and lock it in place.
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