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The heart of the IBC videos. These videos contain company histories, builders’ histories, incredible Land Yachts and no way can we list everything in them. Each volume contains, as we said, much more than can be listed and each volume can run sometimes forty minutes or more! Really, they are awesome in scope and content.

Description Item # Price Qty.
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume One Chapter One: GREYHOUNDS GALORE. It means it too! The only known action footage of the famous GX-2 original Greyhound Scenicruiser as well as scores of others.
Chapter Two: THE FAT EAGLE. The first roll out (video goes back to 1982) of the Eagle 15.
Chapter Three: SAGA OF THE RED GHOST, a great segment. How the industry rallied to save a GM 4103 and the incredible adventures that ensued. Rail fans will find segments of this chapter of interest also.
Chapter Four: PREVOST "THE MOVIE." The first 60-foot articulated bus and loads of great information and views of the plant when new.
Approximate running time - 107 minutes
12001 $30
Bussin' 'Round Volume Two Chapter One: RETURN TO PREVOST. Loads of pro-level Prevost-produced video in this one too.
Chapter Three: The Great American Bus Association Bus Fest - 1986 & 1987 Meet
Chapter Four: The Great TNJ Bus Roadeo and Old Bus
Meet Approximate running time - 116 minutes
12002 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Three Very important segment "GREYHOUND FOREVER?" contains a devastating essay by Jim Lehrer of the PBS "News Hour." Incredible "Golden Greyhound" Eagle 10 shots and loads of stuff in the deep South.
Chapter Two: A VISIT TO CHARLESTON, SC, a great city transit system and the last privately owned city transit system in the US. South Carolina Electric & Gas. Now operated by the City of Charleston. Lots of other operators as well.
Chapter Three: A VISIT TO SAVANNAH, GA another super little city of the South and its buses.
Approximate running time - 94 minutes
12003 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Four JERRY T. & THE BRONX GREYHOUNDS. A visit with Jerry Turturiello and his incredible Greyhound collection. See Greyhound models you never knew existed. Nice segment.
Chapter Two: Jeffersonville Bus Bash. Here's what you missed.
Chapter Three: THE GREYHOUND HELICOPTERS – almost impossible to watch as the original video was in terrible shape. Consider what it is though! It was a "pie in the sky" idea by Greyhound at the close of WW II.
Chapter Four: A Prevost produced video. The Prevost XL, the articulated H5-60 and the H3-40
Chapter Five: A BRAZILIAN ADVENTURE, super segment by Eric McLain. Exceedingly interesting.
Chapter Six: THE GREYHOUND MASTER FILE, an incredible Greyhound Canada show!!
Approximate running time - 103 minutes
12004 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Five THE BABY BOWLS OF ASHEVILLE, a look at Asheville, North Carolina’s Baby Fishbowls. Only car that can thread the mountain roads in that city. Loads of Blue Bird "City Birds" too.
Chapter Two: ORLANDO’S SUPER TRI-COUNTY NEW TRANSIT TERMINAL and loads of Orlando’s Neoplans and Flxibles in action.
Chapter Three: A CONNECTICUT TRANSIT PORTFOLIO. Whoa boy! Bridgeport, Hartford and Norwalk huge array of city transit cars and all in action!
Chapter Four: THE HISTORY OF ACF-BRILL. A capsule history of the old bus builder from Philadelphia. Intercity and transit coverage from the ‘20s till the end of 1954.
Chapter Five: THE INCREDIBLE WILSON BUS LINES ARTICULATED GOLDEN EAGLE!! That’s right Golden Eagle – go for a ride in it too!
Approximate running time - 100 minutes
12005 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Six Chapter One: THE GREAT BUS EXPO SHOW AT CHICAGO, the 1992 industry great bus extravaganza. The "State of the Art" in 1992. See the incredible Genesis, a PeterBilt house car. Loads of bus builders you never heard of. See the IBC exhibit too.
Chapter Two: THE BIG FELLAS OF CAPE CANAVREL, the monster Neoplans of the Cape. 60-foot double decker! All in action too!
Chapter Three: BRAZIL TO MONTANA. Another great example of video and coaching by Eric McLain. How about a Pickwick Night Coach he is restoring.
Approximate running time - 81 minutes
12006 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Seven Chapter One: HARVARD UNDER. An indepth look at the famous trolley coaches of the MBTA in Boston and the unique left-loading Flyer Trolley Coaches. You go underground as well as seeing them in action on the street.
Chapter Two: A VISIT TO DEAN’S COACH, incredible site in Durham, NC. The stuff you will see will be mind-blowing. A super bus rebuild facility.
Chapter Three: THE NEW JERSEY BUS BASH, a great one! You will see it all – even the Bus Parade, as well as the display tables.
Chapter Four: SPECIAL DELIVERY, Post Road Stages of South Winsor, CT and a super ride on an elite MC9.
Chapter Five: STUNNING GM 4104 AIR RIDE TRIP. No narration – just loads of the humming 672 Jimmy and inside as well as run-by outside. A must for ‘04 lovers.
Approximate running time - 77 minutes
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12007 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Eight Chapter One: SOUTHERN RUN. A super run through the modern day South and visits to Atlanta and the great Tallahassee Transit Terminal. This is quite a place with RTS and City Birds coming and going by the score. Greyhounds and Trailways too. Wait though! A nice visit to Jacksonville, FL and more of the same.
Chapter Two: THE GREAT BUS WAR! You will love this. Peter Pan and Greyhound went "nose to nose" in a price war that made national news on TV. They went as low as $5 from NYC to DC and vice versa. Loads of buses of all kinds at work in DC.
Chapter Three: BONANZA BACK BAY. The interim Boston Bus Terminal in the Back Bay Boston Amtrak Station. Nice visit!
Chapter Four: BUS BASH MEMORIES/LAS VEGAS/FRESNO. Some great old action memories. Were you there? Approximate running time - 82 minutes
12008 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Nine Chapter One: MEET CHARLIE HAND, Master Model Bus Builder. A very interesting segment.
Chapter Two: THE HISTORY OF BLUE RIDGE TRAILWAYS. Right from the start – up to the last run. This is a VERY important video. It is loaded. If you like Trailways, this is a must! This one chapter is over an hour long by itself.
Chapter Three: ERIC AT LARGE AGAIN! His great camera work and a look at his Pickwick Night Coach.
Approximate running time - 106 minutes
12009 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Ten Chapter One: THE GREAT PHOENIX BUS BASH. Loads of coaches and events. The Phoenix Transit segment is dynamite! Again, it starts out in Jacksonville, FL where you board the Sunset Limited. Loads of unlisted stuff – the catalog would just be too big!
Chapter Two: THE OLD AND RARE TRAVELING PICTURE SHOW. A great blend of stock and action photos. Coverage is awesome!
Approximate running time - 83 minutes
12010 $30

Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Eleven THE SEBRING, FLORIDA BUS BASH, a great one by Annett (Florida Trails). Lots of super cars on this one.
Chapter Two: THE BIRTH OF THE CORGI DIE-CAST BUS MODELS. Did you know the program started right here in my house? We were instrumental in their being born. Loads of rare video.
Chapter Three: THE B&O RAILROAD NYC CONNECTION BUSES. This is a rare, fantastic find, the little Whites.
Chapter Four: THE BUSES OF ANTELOPE VALLEY BUS (CA). This is a great chapter.
Approximate running time - 84 minutes

12011 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Twelve Chapter One: BUS EXPO ‘94 SAN ANTONIO – the biggest Bus industry Expo to date! I mean this segment is loaded big time! You see it all too.
Chapter Two: DINA and MCI, what does it mean? Early rare photos of both bus builders, right up to present time. Nice!
Chapter Three: THE BUSES OF HONOLULU. Nice look by Jim Husing of this seldom-seen bus system and others in the area.
Chapter Four: SETRA COACH OWNERS MANUAL. Produced by Setra, shown in its entirety. This is everything you wanted to know about Setra.
Approximate running time - 100 minutes
12012 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Thirteen Chapter One: BUS BASH, MA. Super Bash too! Loads of Coaches! Now here is an example of what I mean. Big segment of historic Boston. See, I weave lots of this into the "Bash" videos. It is never just the Bash.
Chapter Two: THE BRONX GREYHOUNDS REVISITED. Another look at Jerry T’s very important collection. See Greyhound models you never knew existed.
Chapter Three: VERY, VERY RARE!!! CHICAGOLAND. This segment of Old Chicago will make your heart go "pitter pat."
Chapter Four: AGAIN SUPER RARE STUFF. THE BUSES OF WASHINGTON, DC. Both the Chicagoland and DC segments are huge, containing almost everything that was on rubber as the 1960s began. I cannot begin to describe them all.
Approximate running time - 74 minutes
12013 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Fourteen Chapter One: CORGI FOR 1995. Another look at the super die-cast bus models Corgi makes.
Chapter Two: ALL WEST TOURS of Sacramento, CA. Dynamite look at this top-of-the-line operation. See a company pro-level video produced by ALL WEST.
Chapter Three: THE BILLBOARD BUSES, now the rage of the land. You will see them from all over in this chapter and even some of the new intercity cars are being done.
Chapter Four: A VISIT WITH DON COFFIN. A must see! Don is the ad-hoc Greyhound historian of the land. The Greyhound Collectibles you will see here is beyond description.
Chapter Five: THE PETER PAN BIRTHDAY BUS. Do you have a Corgi model of this car? See it now in action – an MCI DL3 45-footer.
Chapter Six: A VISIT WITH MARK HART – TUCSON’S MASTER MODEL BUS BUILDER. What can you say to perfection? One of my dearest friends in the world.
Chapter Seven: BUS TRANSPORTATION MAGAZINE. The Queen of the Bus Collectibles. A look at them and why they are so valuable.
Chapter Eight: Portfolio of the old IBC videos Chapter Nine: OLD CALIFORNIA PACIFIC BUS MUSEUM ACTION VIDEO by Chuck Brown. This is a nice older look at the antiques in California.
Approximate running time - 105 minutes
12014 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Fifteen Chapter One: THE COMPANY PRODUCED PREVOST SALES VIDEO. Exceptional video and you see it all!
Chapter Two: THE BUSES OF TAIWAN. This is dynamite. Shows the Ko Kuan MCIs of Taiwan. Loads of super stuff. It is in scrapbook form but will rivet you to your seat.
Chapter Three: ANOTHER LOOK AT THE OLD BUS TRANSPORTATION magazines of yesteryear and the incredible history they held.
Chapter Four: THE ACTION SCRAPBOOK. Buses, buses and more buses to entertain you.
Approximate running time - 84 minutes
12015 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Sixteen Chapter One: More exceptional action video of THE BUSES OF HONOLULU by ace bus photographer Jim Husing.
Chapter Two: THE AMARILLO BUS BASH. Small, but loads of fun!
Chapter Three: THE NORFOLK BUS BASH – The pretty Gallop Bus cars. Gallop was the host company.
Chapter Four: A Scrapbook look at the first Greyhound of Canada’s Prevost H-45s
Chapter Five: THE HISTORY OF AM GENERAL. Just about every Transit Authority in the USA ran these. Political misuse involved in the awarding of the AM General contracts? You judge. Great shots though of this "white elephant" of the transit scene.
Chapter Six: Gary Driver bus photos from "Down Under."
Approximate running time - 85 minutes
12016 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Seventeen Chapter One: THE SANTA FE WWII COMPANY MADE DOUBLE DECKER. This is action rolling footage courtesy of the History Channel. I cannot say enough about this cable channel – it’s great!! You never know what you are going to see. The coverage is exceptional.
Chapter Two: ATLANTA. Nice (big) visit to MARTA and the buses of Atlanta. Loads of action. Very enjoyable.
Chapter Three: ANNETT BUS AND THE ABA MEET. Hang on to your hat – you are off and running in this chapte.r
Chapter Four: Twilight years of South Carolina Electric And Ga.
Approximate running time - 49 minutes
12017 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Eighteen Chapter One: THE GREAT LAND YACHTS. Don’t buy this video if you are easily envious of others!! Beyond description, they are all here from the Perry, Ga FMCA Annual Meeting. The MCIs, Prevosts, Blue Birds and all the rest. The new side pull-outs which are all the rage? Of course. No words can describe this huge chapter. Lots of interiors – interiors that will "blow ya socks off and crush ya brain." Model of the forth-coming MCI "E" model too!
Chapter Two: THE NEW BOSTON PORT AUTHORITY TYPE TERMINAL IS HERE, along with the big ABA/PETER PAN BUS "ROADEO." Loads of cars in this one. The competition as well. Harran, Adirondack, Dattco are just a few of the cars you will see.
Chapter Three: BOSTON’S MBTA HISTORIC PROFILE. You wanted it and here it is. Loaded with historic still and action footage. Forget the subways and trolley cars? Nope – there is coverage on them as well. Many images that will bring back long forgotten memories.
Approximate running time - 70 minutes
12018 $30
Bussin’ ‘Round Volume Nineteen Chapter One: ANDERSON BUS AND TOUR COMPANY OF GREENVILLE, PA. This award-winning company’s story as told in their professionally produced video.
Chapter Two: FLXIBLE MEMORIES. A pictorial history of the strange-named bus manufacturer.
Chapter Three: BUS WATCHING AT OPRYLAND, TENNESSEE. Soooo many buses in one location!
Chapter Four: BUS BASH WASHINGTON BY PETER PAN. Parade of buses and so much more.
Approximate running time - 114 minutes
12019 $30
Purchase all 19 of the Bussin’ ‘Round videos and save - plus the 2 CD Photo Set is included at no extra cost
Running time - Over 28 hours
12214 $300