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The heart of the IBC videos. These videos contain company histories, builders’ histories, incredible Land Yachts and no way can we list everything in them. Each volume contains, as we said, much more than can be listed and each volume can run sometimes forty minutes or more! Really they are awesome in scope and content.
If you are a Greyhound lover, you have found the mother lode!! It’s all here, right from ground zero up to the present day and of course always growing. Proof positive that Greyhound was born in Michigan by Carl Eckstrom, not the way Greyhound would have you believe. These are mainly equipment videos, but also contain lots of insider information. It is impossible to list everything that is on these videos. For instance "The Greyhound Master File Volume One" scrapbook video has hundreds of images from the old days. Of course there is a wealth of Greyhound material in the Buss’in Round series as well. So look carefully there as well and enjoy these selections.
The specialty videos are for the collector who has an interest in or is a collector of one type. We start out with the Trailways selection. Again, mostly action with a blend of scrapbook style, mainly in the very old images. In most instances the only place in the world you can find this coverage is right here. Lots of "insider stuff" too. I was the Trailways photographer for several years as I was for the Eagle bus which Trailways built. Once again, I can’t list everything as this catalog would start looking like the New York phone book. So look carefully!
Everything you wanted to know about Eagles. How they were made. Who bought them. What years they were bad, what years they were good. Of course there is much more in these videos than just Eagles – how MCI and Prevost reacted to them and so on. They are huge in depth and scope.
Complete features. Very unique coverage, the spectrum is as wide as history and covers the transit and intercity coaches from the past and the present day. Great action subjects and all are done in the PBS style documentary that you are so used to seeing. They bear close scrutiny and again we cannot list everything they contain.
So extensive in scope it ended up on two videos! From ground zero till the demise of GM in bus building. It is all here I hope to tell you!! You can purchase it as a set or as a time period. Near studio quality images will unfold for almost two hours on each video. The engine forward '20s, the stunning ‘30s and the Art/Deco period to the present day. Many images are in color. You will learn a great deal about this biggest coach builder of all time. Over 100,000 cars built. See cars you never even knew existed. First hand observation and narration.
The Redden Archives epic tour across America! Starting in New Orleans and going across the USA and ending up in San Jose for a dynamite Bus Bash. Coach after coach just runs by for near three hours. There are even operating trolley coaches in San Francisco, the last operational Trailways Golden Eagle operated by Pan Handle Trailways. A major look at the cars of the west. There is even some rail buried in here. Santa Fe, NM, Needles, CA and some at Amarillo, TX. The antiques at San Jose were many and varied. They all parade by you too. Look at the new trolley line of San Jose. Super entertainment.
Imagine hundreds and hundreds of buses going by, nearly 100% in color, even the old timers. As one chap so eloquently put it, "I pay $60 for books that don’t offer anywhere near this coverage!" What’s more they are all very high quality images. The coverage, as you will see, is wide and varied and not obtainable anywhere else.
Extraordinary set of videos!! Really, words cannot describe this set. The time period is from the ‘50s and ‘60s and it is all in color. If it was on tires during this time period it will show up someplace on this video. It is a scrapbook series, impeccable in quality. One of the videos I am most proud of. It is of course a look at scores and scores of companies, but the cars in it are universal. Reo, Flxible, White, ACF Brill, GMC, Ford? it just goes on and on. Probably near 1000 images between both videos. No way possible to memorize these videos. Every time you view them you will see something that you missed. Beautiful set, you will love it. No Public Service either as that company has its own video here in the catalog.
Sunday night after the Bus Bash was done I always put on a slide show. Nothing of any specific subject matter. Just loads and loads of slides. I mean...if you like buses "This is the place." They just keep rolling by. Coverage is Coast-to-Coast and many different time periods. Let me give you a for instance.. Bus And Eye Volume Two. First opening minutes – TNM&O, Trailways Inc., Michigan Trailways, Safety Bus, Hagey, Blue Bird, Concorde, and that’s just the first few minutes of a feature length video!! As one satisfied customer put it, "I just could not visualize a slide show on video. My wife bought me one for Christmas and now, as you know, I own them all."
I was lucky enough through the years to be blessed with several important clients in the railroad and aviation business. I had started back in the early ‘80s to put out videos on rail and air subjects. But the buses took over and I dedicated my expertise in that direction. Thus, over a decade later I now find folks going after these videos for the historic material in them. Example: "The History of Logan International In Boston." Eastern, Boston & Providence, New York Air. It just keeps going on and on. How about the USAF SAC "Birds" (FB-111 & B-52H) at Pease AFB and Loring AFB in the "Buzzin’ ‘Round" Series. Both of these bases are history now and action video on them is very rare. I was Department of Defense recognized and even held a "Chamber Card" which permitted me to fly. No routine Air Show stuff here. So look carefully if this area interests you for some great material is on these videos.