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THE HISTORY OF PETER PAN LINES This is a most interesting video of one of America’s finest bus operations. An in depth look at the famous Peter Pan/Greyhound price war that made national television news. The fares went as low as $5 between Washington DC and New York City. The cars in this video are awesome. Peter Pan operated many varied types through the years. They are all here!
Approximate running time - 73 minutes
12043 $30
THE HISTORY OF THE EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS STREET RAILWAY This operation was massive in scope! It is now incorporated into the Mass. Bay Transit Authority. I was born in Lynn, Mass. – one of the biggest divisions of the Eastern Mass. And all divisions for the most part are covered.
Approximate running time - 65 minutes
12044 $30
THE HISTORY OF NEW YORK BUS SERVICE New York City’s amazing suburban express bus service. Over 200 coaches in the fleet. It traces its roots back to 1941. One of the most respected bus operations in the world. Affectionately called the Bronx Greyhound with their red/white/blue paint scheme. You get to ride the entire Morris Avenue Line! That’s right! Out of the windshield of a new Suburban Classic all the way from the Bronx to Madison Avenue in downtown Manhattan at 26th Street.
Approximate running time - 120 minutes
12045 $30
THE HISTORY OF PUBLIC SERVICE CONSOLIDATED TRANSPORT OF NJ. The largest single operator of buses in North America. Starting out as a trolley/interurban operation at the turn of the century to the huge present day Transport of New Jersey. This video takes you from ground zero with the buses to the end of Public Service as an operator. It is scrapbook in style and amazingly almost all in color!
Approximate running time - 77 minutes
12046 $30
THE HISTORY OF PREVOST. One of the most popular IBC videos there is! Right from ground zero on up to the near present day. You will be amazed at the variety of Prevost built cars through the years. The transit cars are even here. Naturally, the super intercity cars as well.
Approximate running time - 73 minutes
12047 $30
THE HISTORY OF THE TROLLEY COACH. Watch the action from the past. The old Brooklyn St. Louis car built for the Brooklyn NY Transit operation. MBTA action, loads and loads of San Francisco images and it simply goes on and on. A must!!
Approximate running time - 96 minutes
12049 $30
THE BUSES OF NEW ENGLAND. All action and loaded!! Scores and scores of cars in Boston, Portsmouth, Haverhill, Worcester, Brockton and Providence. Just to mention a few!
Approximate running time - 87 minutes
12050 $30
Purchase all 7 of the Company and Builder History videos and save
Running time - Over 9 hours
12027 $130