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The specialty videos are for the collector who has an interest in or is a collector of one type. We start out with the Trailways selection. Again, mostly action with a blend of scrapbook style, mainly in the very old images. In most instances the only place in the world you can find this coverage is right here. Lots of "insider stuff" too. I was the Trailways photographer for several years as I was for the Eagle bus which Trailways built. Once again, I can’t list everything as this catalog would start looking like the New York phone book. So look carefully!

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A TRAILWAYS DAY. ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS! Follow Blue Ridge Trailways driver Gilbert Helms as he picks up his coach in Charleston, SC and starts his run to Charlotte, NC and all the major stops along the way. You will see many of the other operators in the Carolinas such as Southeastern Stages and Greyhound when Columbia, SC was "jumping." Naturally it is feature length as are all Redden Archive videos. Then Gilbert turns around (with a new car) and returns to Charleston from Charlotte. Some great night stuff in here!
Approximate running time - 57 minutes
12029 $30
HISTORY OF BURLINGTON TRAILWAYS AND AMERICAN BUS LINES. Answer me this? Who was America’s first Coast-To-Coast bus line under a single ownership? Greyhound? Nope. The Greyhound system was Coast-To-Coast, but remember in the early days they were a franchise operation and you went through several different divisions on a Coast-To-Coast trip. All American Bus Lines (never a threat to Greyhound) was however a Coast-To-Coast operation under single ownership, thus America’s first Coast-To-Coast carrier. This is a very entertaining video. The cars here will amaze you. Many you never knew even existed. They bought the mighty Burlington Trailways and then both operations were in turn bought out by Continental Trailways in 1954.
Approximate running time - 59 minutes
12030 $30
THE TRAILWAYS SCRAPBOOK VOLUME ONE. Like the old ACF Brills? How about Vista-Liners? Maybe the old Aerocoach? They are all here and much, much more!! The very first Eagles from Germany back in 1954! Scores and scores of images from Trailways companies from Coast-To-Coast, and it is all in color. Some of the rarest images you can ever hope to see!
Approximate running time - 98 minutes
12031 $30
THE TRAILWAYS SCRAPBOOK VOLUME TWO. The more recent times (1970s up) at "Big Red" and again simply scores and scores of buses. Some images here have been seen in Trailways advertising through the years, images I have taken. Get the insider scoop.
Approximate running time - 78 minutes
12032 $30
Purchase all 4 of the Trailways videos and save
Running time - Over 4 hours
12203 $90