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I was lucky enough through the years to be blessed with several important clients in the railroad and aviation business. I had started back in the early ‘80s to put out videos on rail and air subjects. But the buses took over and I dedicated my expertise in that direction. Thus, over a decade later I now find folks going after these videos for the historic material in them. Example: "The History of Logan International In Boston." Eastern, Boston & Providence, New York Air. It just keeps going on and on. How about the USAF SAC "Birds" (FB-111 & B-52H) at Pease AFB and Loring AFB in the "Buzzin’ ‘Round" Series. Both of these bases are history now and action video on them is very rare. I was Department of Defense recognized and even held a "Chamber Card" which permitted me to fly. No routine Air Show stuff here. So look carefully if this area interests you for some great material is on these videos.


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BUZZIN’ ‘ROUND VOLUME ONE. The Eighth Air Force in New England. This is truly rare footage. Pease AFB in New Hampshire and Loring AFB in Maine are gone now. They live on here though. The "Birds" are still flying. Cockpit ride in a KC 135 and refueling of a B52H. Arrival of a wing of FB-111s and it just goes on. Chapter Two: The Royal Canadian Airforce at Shearwater CAF Base. This will set you on the edge of your seat! USAF/RAF/LUFWAFFE/CAF and much too much more than I can list. All action stuff too! The Snow Birds aerobatic team is featured also. Lots of in-flight action by several armed forces of the World.
Approximate running time - 110 minutes
12063 $30
BUZZIN’ ‘ROUND VOLUME TWO. Chapter One: Let’s go to London and Gibraltar. In "Gib" you will ride the world’s shortest intercontinental flight. Goes from Europe (Gib) to Tangiers in Africa in 15 minutes. The important aspect of this video is your cockpit ride in a Vickers Viscount!! Now history as Gib Air flys the Boeing 737. Loads of London Transport material as well in this chapter.
Chapter Two: Logan re-visited. What can I say? Loaded with many "fallen flags."
Chapter Three: Off to San Diego and lots of footage at this very difficult field as far as landing goes. The boys really have to work to get in here.
Chapter Four: The Lockheed Constellations of Maine. Three stunning "Connies" owned by Maurice Roundy. The ships are in Auburn, Maine and are a delight to behold. Some nice "Connie" history stuff too.
Approximate running time - 92 minutes
12064 $30
PAN AM: THE MOVIE. If you like aviation, this will be one of the top picks in your collection. The Grand Old Line lives again! From conception to the end and all her aircraft in between. Did you know the first flight was NOT a Fokker? Nope, it was a Fairchild on lease as the Fokker was not yet ready and they had to start the mail run or lose it. The Flying Boats are covered in great depth. It is not all scrapbook either. Even the Sikorsky VS-44 (loser to the Boeing 314 Boat) is in here in action.
Approximate running time - 120 minutes
12054 $30
THE WORLD MILITARY AIRCRAFT SCRAPBOOK Stunning images from the early days up to the near present. Coverage is international and nearly all the wars are in here and from both sides.
Approximate running time - 114 minutes
12068 $30
THE HISTORY OF LOGAN INTERNATIONAL BOSTON. From the time the east Boston Airport was a cinder field to the early 1980s. It is all here in both scrapbook and loads of action!! The many "Fallen Flags" and older and now replaced aircraft are in here too! While its main theme is Logan in the early minutes it rapidly goes into a Flight Parade.
Approximate running time - 97 minutes
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12065 $30
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Running time - Over 8 hours
12212 $100


Between these two videos there are hundreds of locomotives of nearly every type, kind and description. Action as well as stunning scrapbook style images. It’s all here, steam (nice 611 series in Ashville) electric and diesel. If you are a true rail fan you will be delighted as road after road goes by.

Approximate running time - 106 minutes
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12066 $30
Approximate running time - 106 minutes
12067 $30
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Running time - Over 3 hours
12213 $50
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Running time - Over 12 hours
12202 $130