All 10 Videos in the Greyhound Collection


All 10 Videos in the Greyhound Collection

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All 10 Videos in the Greyhound Collection

If you are a Greyhound lover, you have found the mother lode!! It’s all here, right from ground zero up to the present day and of course always growing. Proof positive that Greyhound was born in Michigan by Carl Eckstrom, not the way Greyhound would have you believe. These are mainly equipment videos, but also contain lots of insider information. It is impossible to list everything that is on these videos. For instance "The Greyhound Master File Volume One" scrapbook video has hundreds of images from the old days. Of course, there is a wealth of Greyhound material in the Bussin’ ‘Round series as well. So look carefully there as well and enjoy these selections.

Running time - Over 13 hours


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