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Classy Cabinets for Converted Coaches – Downloadable E-book

152 pages 612 KB


by Dave Galey

NOTE: This is a downloadable e-book edition. It does not include a printed book or CD.

This book is written for the accountant, UPS driver, or salesman. The professional cabinetmaker already knows everything in this book. It gives tricks to make templates to match contours and techniques for steam bending. Attachment methods are shown and strength tables are included. 151 Pages.
Table of Contents

Chapter Page
Introduction 7
Bus Geometry 13
Materials 19
Plywood 28
Oak 32
Walnut 34
Teak 36
Mahogany 37
Maple 37
Birch 39
Ash 41
Other Materials 43
Tools 45
Tool accuracy 48
Jigs and Fixtures 53
Templates 56
Steam Bending 61
Joining 67
Fabrication 75
Face Frames 82
Doors 90
Drawers 95
Hardware 100
Hinges 100
Drawer Guides 105
Miscellaneous Hardware 110
Accessories 115
Glues 119
Finishing 121
Countertops 126
Laminated Cabinets 129
Installation 133
Conclusions 137
Glossary 139
Appendix drawings 144

Please note that the downloaded e-book is a fully copyrighted work owned by Dave Galey. Reproduction, distribution or copying without his express written permission is illegal under U.S and international copyright laws.

By making this purchase you are authorized to download one copy for your own use. You are not authorized to make copies to share with others. To put it in simplest terms, that is theft and you wouldn’t want it done to anything of yours.

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