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Plumbing for Bus Nuts - Downloadable E-book

116 pages 2 MB

Product Short description
by Dave Galey NOTE: This is a downloadable e-book edition. It does not include a printed book or CD. This books is an extension of the section on plumbing in The Bus Converter’s Bible. We go into much more detail listing the various types of pipe, fittings and fixtures. It also covers fresh water, waste water, propane and compressed air. 111 pages. Table of Contents Chapter Page Introduction 7 Water Properties 9 PSI 24 Tanks for your Bus 28 Pipe 39 Joining Techniques 45 Fittings 48 Valves 52 Fixtures 56 Kitchen Sinks 59 Faucets 66 Block Diagrams 68 Fresh Water Schematic 76 Isometric 80 Faucet Install 82 Shore Water 84 Electrical Diagram 88 Waste Water Fittings 90 Waste Water Schematic 94 Propane 98 Air Plumbing 110 Appendix 113 Please note that the downloaded e-book is a fully copyrighted work owned by Dave Galey. Reproduction, distribution or copying without his express written permission is illegal under U.S and international copyright laws. By making this purchase you are authorized to download one copy for your own use. You are not authorized to make copies to share with others. To put it in simplest terms, that is theft and you wouldn’t want it done to anything of yours.





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