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Digital Edition Subscription, Bus Conversion Magazine

From: $1.75 for 1 month


Along with your monthly subscription to Bus Conversion Magazine you will also have access to many Back Issues of the magazine as well as several Books on PDF which are all about converting a bus to a home on wheels.

Monthly; or One, Two or Three-year subscriptions (12 issues each year) of the Digital Edition of Bus Conversion Magazine are available.

You will have access to the current month and two previous months. You can view them in your web browser or you can download them to your computer in PDF format to save them in your collection.

We only offer Digital Edition subscriptions now so there is no need to separate Print vs. Digital in a digital format which you can read 24/7/365 with your subscription.  We started adding back issues in May 2018 at the rate of one each work day.  So you will soon have access to over 300 issues of BCM and over 2000 articles about building, maintaining and traveling in a bus conversion.

We also have over 1000 back issues of print magazines still remaining and they can be purchased in our Store. Click on the Store tab above to order any of these back issues or call the office if you are looking for a specific issue as not all back issues are listed.

You will also have read access to all back issues on our website.  We started making them available in May 2018 and will be adding more back issues as we have time until we have all issues available back to the beginning of time in 1992.

The Online Digital Edition is available in both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) versions so you can take advantage of either faster download times if you like to download the SD version or the higher quality of the HD version if you like to zoom in on photos to see more detail of the buses.  If you travel, you can control when you download each issue based on how strong your internet connection is at any time.

You will be asked to enter a password of your choice during checkout that you will use to access the Online Edition. This should not be a password that you use for high security logins and can be something simple, the only thing it gives access to is the magazine. It will be case sensitive so what you type in during your order will be what you type in to read the magazine each month.


Choose the duration of your subscription.  The 2-year subscription provides a 10% discount over the 1-year subscription.  The 3-year subscription provides a 20% discount over the 1-year subscription.   The subscription will be charged to your credit card monthly until you cancel.

After you choose the duration of your subscription, hit Sign Up Now and then click the View cart button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Review your item and if you have a Coupon Code, add it now and choose Apply Coupon.

Then choose Proceed to Checkout.

Enter in your Billing details and your payment information.   The password you enter will be the one you use to access the magazine each month.  When finished choose the Sign Up Now button.

You can then choose the Members drop-down tab and you will immediately be able to Read the Current Issue or Read any of the Back Issues on our website.

If you have any questions about our magazine, don’t hesitate to call.



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