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The Adventure of my Life – Downloadable E-book

198 pages 2 MB


by Dave Galey

NOTE: This is a downloadable e-book edition. It does not include a printed book or CD.

This is the story of an unknown adventurer. Actually it’s my autobiography and I doubt if anyone would be interested in reading it. It was, however, a great way to dispose of all the pictures flopping around in various boxes that one has a tendency to collect over one’s lifetime. 198 Pages.
Table of Contents

Chapter Page
Introduction 7
I was just begun 11
Add-o-less-sense 25
Hup, Two, Three Four. . 35
California Here I am 41
River City Rohr 51
For the birds! And . . . 63
Bus Nuts and other Manias 73
Waking and Quaking 85
This ‘n That 89
The Joys of Busing 95
HollyWierd 101
Just Messin’ Around 105
Close Encounters 107
All’s Well (Oil that is!) 109
See the USA 115
A Weekend Rally Trip 121
A Winter Adventure 125
An International Incident 133
Mexican Adventures 135
The First of Ireland 155
Compute this! 165
All at Sea 169
Music 175
The Cat house 177
My Thoughts, for Better or Worse 179
Geneology 195

Please note that the downloaded e-book is a fully copyrighted work owned by Dave Galey. Reproduction, distribution or copying without his express written permission is illegal under U.S and international copyright laws.

By making this purchase you are authorized to download one copy for your own use. You are not authorized to make copies to share with others. To put it in simplest terms, that is theft and you wouldn’t want it done to anything of yours.

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