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The Gospel of Gauges According to Galey – Downloadable E-book

100 pages 4 MB


by Dave Galey

NOTE: This is a downloadable e-book edition. It does not include a printed book or CD.

This book contains a list of all the gauges, instruments, and monitors a person might considers installing in their bus conversion. It explains what a guage will depict and how to install and wire, or plumb the gauge. 100 Pages.
Table of Contents

Chapter Page
Introduction 9
Electrical Versus Mechanical 13
Electrical Considerations 15
Instrument Lighting 17
Instrument Panel Materials 19
Gauges Shapes and Sizes 21
Oil Pressure Gauge 24
Water Temperature Gauge 26
Speedometer/Odometer 28
Tachometers 32
Fuel Pressure Gauge 34
Fuel Gauges 36
Transmission Temperature Gauge 39
Turbo-charger Vacuum Boost Gauge 41
Pyrometer 43
Passive Controlled Gauges 47
Clock 47
Voltmeter 49
Air Pressure Gauges 53
Altimeter 55
Compass 57
Generator Gauges 59
Murphy Gauges 59
AC Detector 61
Battery Bank Monitor 63
Temperature Gauges 65
Tank Monitors 67
Propane Gauges 69
Back-up monitor 71
Conclusions 73
Index 74
Appendix 75

Please note that the downloaded e-book is a fully copyrighted work owned by Dave Galey. Reproduction, distribution or copying without his express written permission is illegal under U.S and international copyright laws.

By making this purchase you are authorized to download one copy for your own use. You are not authorized to make copies to share with others. To put it in simplest terms, that is theft and you wouldn’t want it done to anything of yours.

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