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The Joys of Busing – Downloadable E-book

213 pages 2 MB


by Dave Galey

NOTE: This is a downloadable e-book edition. It does not include a printed book or CD.

Fifteen Years of screw-ups confessed by the author. Although, it was intended to be humor, by accident, this books has become a reverse maintenance manual. It is an education in on-the-road repairs. Laugh at the mishaps of the author, and others, and experience the breakdowns without the anguish. A collection of hilarious adventures while motoring around the North American continent in a converted bus. 208 Pages.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction Section One – Domestic Travel
The Evolution of a Bus Driver Tow Car Fun A Lousy Way to Start a Trip
An Unforgettable Breakdown Winter Blunderland Sequoia, Terror on the slopes
Tube-Type Tubeless Tires Fun Roads I’ve Known How to Push Start a Bus
Goin’ to Tampa with the Ladies The Origin of Smog Section Two – Normal Breakdowns
How to Get Oiled More Filter Fun A Heart Braking Tale
No Fueling Powerless in the Mid-Continent Ups and Downs
Beer Joints and ‘U’ Joints Skinner Valve. What Good is It? The Canny Dipstick
What Goes Around Must Go To Ground Bakersfield Dominos Expecting the Unexpected
Section Three – Mexican Adventures Mexico, Land of Enchantment The Bus Trader
Who Needs Television Fun in the Sand Sights and Sickness
Curbs and Horses Mexican Encounters Kino Bay is Keen
Our Friends, The Federales A Tropical Hazard Time to Re-Tire
An International Incident Automatic Wind Compensator Section Four – The Ladies’ Viewpoint
How to Eat on the Road and Enjoy It The Standards of Travel How to Pack for a Weekend Rally
Rally Games Pot Luck…Ugh! Shoes in the Bus
No Fumar Section Five – Rally Humor The Last Section
Happiness is in the Imagination Night Visions The Bus Look
Camp Ground Chit Chat Stupid Thoughts Birth of a Title
Know-it-all Didja Ever Wonder Conclusions

Please note that the downloaded e-book is a fully copyrighted work owned by Dave Galey. Reproduction, distribution or copying without his express written permission is illegal under U.S and international copyright laws.

By making this purchase you are authorized to download one copy for your own use. You are not authorized to make copies to share with others. To put it in simplest terms, that is theft and you wouldn’t want it done to anything of yours.

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