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Welcome to the home of the definitive site for bus videos. Air and rail enthusiasts will find that they are not forgotten.

Photos and videos are all by the late Robert Redden of Redden Archives, the dean of bus photographers who provided photography to leading bus companies and publications. He was also the founder of the International Bus Collectors Club and its newsletter.

The Redden Archive videos are a part of Robert Redden’s incredible collection of slides, photos and action files that he collected in his decades of photographing buses, trains and airplanes all around the world.

Keep in mind that the videos are always feature length. Narration is “first person” by Bob Redden and guests on some videos. As one reviewer stated, “He talks to you – not at you.”

Most of the catalog is also in the “first person” because who could better describe the contents than Bob himself. (The catalog is dated 1996/1997).

While all the videos are copyrighted, we do allow public showings.

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