Bus Conversion Online Tools

Welcome to the new "online tools" section of the BCM website. This is just the start of what we hope will be a comprehensive array of converters, calculators and perhaps some reference materials. These converters and calculators are pretty accurate. But they are not of scientific or advanced engineering grade. They are intended to help the average bus converter in figuring out what will fit, what they have or what they want to get.

Particularly with the Drivetrain Calculator, as noted on it, when mixing metric and U.S. measurements in the numbers, it can introduce some margin of error. For example, although the calculator allows it, it is best not to use metric tire revolutions with a speed based in MPH or vice versa. Doing so can result in gear ratios that are too far off. For best results, if the tire is rated in Revolutions per Kilometer, it is best to enter a speed in Kilometers per Hour.

Lastly, the Drivetrain Calculator works well in the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers but doesn't work at all in Chrome or Safari browsers due to differences in how they handle certain JavaScript functions. We are looking into how to remedy that.

Ok, that said, click the buttons above to explore what we have so far. Enjoy!